Exotic Car Hacks Part 2 Review 2019 – Pejman Ghadmimi, Fake?

Do you own the car you used to dream about in high school?

What if I told you that you could, and soon?

I was amazed to learn that there are ways for people like me, without a huge working budget, to buy and sell exotic cars for practically nothing.  Now I don’t just do this for fun (though it is pretty fun).  It’s my business.  

If you want to put in the time and effort, maybe it can be yours too.  

The only thing holding me back was…me, thinking I didn’t know how to do reach this goal.  How did I do it?  With the help of Pejman Ghadimi.  

Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

Pejman is an interesting guy who has led a fascinating life.

He was raised by a single mom who took him out of war-torn Iran to France, where he was raised.  As a result, he learned several languages.

Lacking the opportunity to attend college, Ghadimi began a career in banking at an early age.  He worked his way up to management, and left the banking industry several years later on a high note.

Pejman Ghadimi is a firm believer in entrepreneurship and innovation.  He has brought this mindset to several business interests he’s developed.  

Currently, Pejman Ghadimi owns several successful businesses.

He’s also an author who has written and published nearly a dozen books, many of which are bestsellers—including Third Circle Theory.

Ghadimi is the creator and developer of Exotic Car Hacks and Exotic Car Hacks 2.

What is “Exotic Car Hacks 2,” and how will it help me?

Some industries are pretty straight forward.  Product has a value, it’s sold.  Maybe it’s resold later, but probably not.

Then there are trickier industries, like diamonds or exotic cars.  Pricing these items involves more insider information.  It may also involve manners of timing and depreciation that aren’t part of other industries.

Confused yet?  I was.  

I wanted to own cool cars and be able to drive them without having to learn the ins and outs of an entire industry.

Luckily, that’s what Exotic Car Hacks 2 does to perfection!

Pejman Ghadimi will teach you everything you need to know to achieve the following:

–How to find the car you want for sale

–Getting the bank on your side

–Knowing the right time to buy

–Setting the price, and haggling where appropriate

–Avoiding maintenance costs

–How to find an exotic car for a lower price than an average car

–All about “wealth transfer”

–Selling exotic cars for fun—and mega profits

Best of all, this training session is totally free.  I couldn’t resist taking the chance—and neither should you.  

Have you ever wanted to be in the business of buying and selling exotic cars?

Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to own one.

Either way, you may never get a better chance than now.  

Buying Exotic Cars And Selling Them Can You Make You A Fortune, But Here’s Why I Think Lead Gen Is Your Best Bet (IMO)

Now I won’t BS you or anything buying exotic cars and selling them for profit is pretty dope, especially if you get to put a few miles on them in between.

I mean let’s be real the perks to something like this are almost limitless, but let’s just use a short list.

  • You get to own some of the highest quality cars in existence today.
  • Selling exotic cars is not hard since people will always be looking to buy a car like that.
  • Your status will be increased 10 fold in the mind of your peers.

There are some struggles with this business model however, so let’s explore them a little bit.

  • Getting qualified for a loan on one of these cars can be difficult if you are young or don’t have the best credit score.
  • Finding deals can be a lot harder than one thinks going into and sometimes it will take longer than expected to sell even when people are looking to buy.
  • Your profit margins with this business model will be slim, which means selling only 1 or 2 cars a month won’t cut it.
  • You will likely have to compete with other private sellers and dealers which means you can’t be too aggressive with pricing.

Now here is why I think lead gen is your best bet.

  • Competition is slim, especially at the local level where it is virtually non-existent.
  • Lead generation sites do not take long to set up and can even make you money before you have them set up.
  • There is virtually no financial risk or investment up front.
  • More people will be looking for the services that our sites provide than for exotic cars.

I think it would be helpful if we compare these side by side.

Let’s start with financial risk and profit.

With lead generation you can build you websites and rank them entirely for free, but if you want to move faster by outsourcing you are looking at 1000$ max for a site.

With selling exotic cars you will generally have to put a few grand down. Even if you get approved for a low money down loan or no money down loan, your profit margins are still going to be slim especially if you are only selling one car.

Our lead gen profit margins are nearly 100% this means that each site we have up and ranked gives us pocket money. We generally charge 1000$ a month because of how much our clients benefit.

Competition is non-existent with lead gen. At the local level I almost never find websites that are properly optimized. This makes going in and dominating that much easier.

Think about how many dealers there are in your surrounding area though selling similar cars, now think about the private sellers. You will need to come up with very compelling reasons as to why a person should buy from you instead of someone else.

The leads our lead gen sites produce sell themselves because businesses are always looking for new jobs to take on so they can get more money.

If you are interested in learning more about lead gen, click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life.