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Rafael Cintron Course – 7 Figure Ecommerce Inner Circle Review 2019


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Driving a successful ecommerce site requires two critical marketing components: on-page and off-page tactics.

If you are only relying on one of these strategies, then you are probably losing money every day. 

If you have tried both and your ecom site is still struggling, then you need to learn how to create the best mix of both for success.

That’s where Rafael Cintron comes in.

Using both Rafael’s method and getting leads for businesses online, I was able to build myself an income of $50k a month.

Today, I will be reviewing Rafael’s “7 Figure Ecommerce Inner Circle” and compare it with business lead gen.

Let’s check it out…

Who is Rafael Cintron?

Rafael Cintron is an ecom expert. He has helped many students reach his seven-figure level of success.

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His techniques are the result of trial and error and years of learning what makes ecom tick.

He has taken everything he has learned over the years and turned it into a course with a specific monetary goal in mind.

7 Figure Ecommerce Inner Circle Summary

Setting a financial goal is actually one of Rafeal’s primary instructions. Don’t let the ecom site define your success.

He wants every student to create a profit benchmark and shoot for it. He shows you how it’s done.

Rafael focuses on building a refined strategy to drive sales. That includes creating a page that brings in customers from Google as well as a page that reaches out to new audiences.

He gets into the details of what makes a great ecom page work.

SEO has to be at its best and Rafael reveals how any entrepreneur can set up their own keyword list and generate on-page content that engages.

He can’t emphasize enough the importance of user experience. That’s why he takes a deep dive into site navigation and shopping cart messaging.

You don’t have to be a tech guy, either. Rafael tips you off to the best DIY ecom site platforms and how easy they are to use.

Rafael also shows you the importance of research. Know the market. Know your products. 

Know your competition. With these marching orders he takes you into the discipline of becoming a master of your product category.

With each new training module, Rafael reveals the opportunity that the best ecom site can bring:

·         Steady conversion traffic from reliable audience sources

·         Email conversion strategies with loyal customers

·         Social media marketing with precision targeting methods

·         SEM ad campaigns built for enhanced sales

·         Why the five best keywords can earn you more cash

·         The three best ways to avoid abandoned cart syndrome

·         Creating a refresh strategy that keeps your site thriving

·         Gaining SEO juice from customer reviews

With his proven methods, Rafael brings you ever closer to reaching that cash goal you set at the beginning of his course.

The big plus is that Rafael will personally review your current site. He gives you his best advice customized for your success.

Every day your ecom site underperforms you lose revenue. Take a new course of action and learn how to scale your business the best way possible.

Beginners and pros alike will walk away with valuable information on improving ecom performance.

With your monetized goals in mind and Rafael’s guidance, you can sit back and start earning the ecom profits you deserve. 

While I Gained Quite a Bit From My Experience In eCommerce, I Would Suggest This…

Here’s the low down on biz lead gen…

To begin, we have a business. It may be struggling or just getting by, but the point is they want more profits.

Obviously, they’ll need clients to make more profits, so they bring in people like us who can get them just that.

First we build them a website, then get it to climb a search engine’s results page, and forward the hits the site gets to them.

Simple, effective, and everyone profits.

Here is how this compares with eCommerce:

Cons of eCommerce

  • Competition is vast over the Internet
  • Customers can be hard to deal with
  • Insecure with your privacy
  • Bad reviews can cause profits to plummet

Pros of Generating Leads For Businesses

  • Easy to sell
  • Once established, the site won’t need any more attention
  • Consistent pay every month
  • Great customer retention

This limousine service website of mine is currently ranked on the top of Google’s search results:

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The position of your website is what enables it to get plenty of leads for the company you’re working with.

It’ll take some time to get up there, but once it does rise, it’ll stay there. No maintenance required.

That’s the beauty of this system.

Plus, all digital properties made by you, are owned by you. So there is no risk of losing your progress if a company decides to go on without your service.

Just forward those leads to someone who does want you.

Here is a tree care service that I’ve been working with for the past 4 years:

And don’t worry if you get a bit lost in the beginning!

There is a whole community out there online filled with people from all over the world. Some making even more than I do.

And someone out there will be able to help you out if you ever get stumped. It has definitely happened to me in the past.

Here is a new guy who has already made his first deal:

To start, this lead gen coaching program will give you the knowledge to succeed here.

Good luck in the world of lead generation.


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