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Brian Burt Course – AIM Amazon Influencer Marketing Review 2019


The Amazon Influencer Marketing strategy course was created by none other than the amazing Brian Burt.

His goal is to help you learn the ways of getting your products listed on the front page of Amazon through this easy to follow structure.

Influencer Marketing is becoming an exceptionally popular way to introduce your products to more people. 

Get your products in front of more eyes by using social media influencers.

This teaches you exactly how to go about doing just that along with why you would even want to.

Take the back seat and let the social media influencers handle most of your marketing for you!

This is one of several strategies I’ve used in my pursuit toward my goals.

By combing this with getting leads for businesses online, I’ve exceeded those goals and am now making $50k a month.

Now, I will be giving you the inside on Brian Burt’s “AIM Amazon Influencer Marketing” and compare it with getting leads for businesses.

Let’s move on, shall we?

About the Creator, Brian Burt

He’s profited over 1-million dollars from selling products on Amazon.

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His mission is to not only keep building his success but help others earn exceptional amounts from selling on Amazon as well.

Burt is the founder of the software – overGrowth.

He believes in the ability to create high success even if you have no starting point.

I love his enthusiasm for helping individuals just like you and me.

AIM – Amazon Influencer Marketing Summary

The main ideas that I got from this whole workshop are the following:

  • You’ll learn how to find which influencer will be the best option for marketing your product or brand
  • Find out how to get more 5-star reviews on Amazon using this unique strategy
  • Figure out how you can get influencers to do it all for free (or at least for an extremely low fee)
  • How amazing content is going to exponentially explode your entire strategy
  • There is also a live training that will be happening at the end of the workshop

Find out the exact plan that you need to execute to have influencers offering to do your marketing for free.

This workshop will not only help with your business as it stands today.

But you can keep earning revenue from this strategy overtime for years.

You learn the exact strategy that was used by Brian himself to get influencers to market his brand/products.

If you’re going to try this theory, don’t stress yourself out.

Why not learn from someone who’s already been through it?

I’m impressed at how well Brian actually explains the thoroughness of his content strategy.

It’s astonishing how this process makes so much sense.

Not just the workshop, but the techniques that are actually implemented.

There’s proof in the pudding.

Brian’s proof.

And he lays it all out on the table for you.

If you’re going to go all in, you might as well learn from a millionaire who’s been there!

This Amazon Influencer Marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial for your brand.

Especially when you find the right influencer at the right price.

Or free!

It’s worth the investment!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Test the theory out for yourself!

Brian’s Course Was Fruitful, But This Got Me To Shoot Passed My Goals…

It’s a system called business lead generation. Here’s how it’s put into action.

There are several businesses that struggle to make sufficient profits or even break even.

How can they increase profits? Obviously, they’ll need to get more clients to sell their services to.

For the best chance to succeed in doing this, they get people like us to build them a website that gets enough hits and forward the leads it gets to them.

I’ll go more in depth further on, but first lets compare this with Amazon marketing…

Cons of Amazon Marketing

  • Fees
  • Little control over your prices
  • High competition
  • Managing products is time consuming

Why Is Business Lead Gen My Choice

  • Little to no maintenance is needed for your websites
  • High profit margins
  • Your work benefits companies and therefore is valued
  • Full control over your websites

To better visualize what this looks like, I’ll show you this limo company website I’ve made:

Getting your website in a good position on Google will help it generate the most possible leads.

After all, how often do you ever go further down than the top 3, let alone the second page?

Once your website is in a good position and is generating a lot of leads for the company you’re working with, you’re done.

It’ll sit there getting clients for the company and putting money in your pocket.

Another great thing to know about this is that you own all of the digital properties you’ve created.

So, what the site does and who it does that for is completely in your control.

This is another website I’ve made. This one is for a tree care company:

And don’t worry if you find yourself confused in the beginning.

We’ve got a thriving online community filled with plenty of people who can help you out.

Trust me, every single one of us have been there.

This guy is off to an amazing start in his journey:

This course in business lead gen is the perfect first step on your journey. It is the very same one most of us have taken to begin.

Start your career here and reap the benefits from this great business model!


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