2021 Webinar: 5860+ Students Still Winning During COVID-19




Our Students Continue to Win Despite the Pandemic

Latest Testimonials from our Private FB Group!

What's Covered in This Webinar

  • Brief History of the Group (Coaching Since 2014) Currently 5860+ Students
  • Quick Background of Ippei, Shiv & Dan
  • A Look at Our Proprietary Call Tracking Software
  • Analyzing One of Our Very Own Digital Asset & How It Makes Money Everyday
  • Global vs. Local Search
  • A Sneak Peak at One of Our Ranking Strategies
  • Upside & Downsides of this Business Model
  • Why We Believe This is Better than Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Social Media Marketing
  • Interviews with Other Students in the Program
  • How We Are Using Our Skills to Sell Medical Face Masks & Earn Comissions on Small Business Loans

Brand New Interviews

Success During a Pandemic

Jack hits $36K a month

Adam quits $200k job

Alec gets a $13K per month client

Josh hits $160K per month

New Opportunities During COVID-19

In Every Crisis There's Great Opportunities & Our Group is Taking Full Advantage

Facemask Business Opportunity

Small Business Loan Opportunity

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The Community

"You Are Who You Surround Yourself With"

Meet Dan
Behind Every Strong Community is a Strong Leader
Students Talking About Vegas Event
Why People Keep Coming Back Year After Year
Meet Tori (Dan's Wife)
What does this group & the live events mean to her
2020 Virtual Event Montage
Our Annual Live Event was Virtual due to COVID

Vegas Event Highlights

Tahoe Mastermind (organized by students)

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Past Webinars

Ippei & Dan 2018 Webinar

Simon's 2019 Webinar

How to Get to Top 1% Income (Intensity) by Shiv

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2019-2021 Interviews

Jamie's 2nd Interview
 (Newly a Mother)

Kelly's Interview
 (Cold Calling Sales)

Dom's Interview
 (Montreal, Canada - Web Marketing Background)

Marco's Interview
 (Real Estate)

Peter's Case Study

Trevor and Devan's Case Study

Student from Sweden

Beau's Interview

Caleb's Interview
 (Cold Calling Sales)

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Past Interviews

Shiv's Case Study
 (MLM & Startups)

Jamie's Case Study
 (waitress / yoga teacher)

Cory's Case Study
 (ministry & safety supply biz)

Helen's Case Study
 (65 yrs old Grandma)

Ippei's Case Study
 (auto parts)

Stephanie's Case Study
 (Mortgage-from rural, small-town America)

Amiee's Case Study
 (sales in Financial)

Jessica's Case Study

Wesley's Case Study
 (Real Estate Investor)

Charissa's Interview
 (Teacher & Mom)

Reggie's Interview
 (Finance - Australian)

Dustin's Interview

Damien's Case Study
 (Youth Pastor)

Todd's Case Study

Ibi's Case Study
 (Scientist -Australian)

Greg's Interview
 (house parents at private children's home)

Alec's Case Study
 (College Student)

Claire's Interview
 (Started the Biz with Dad)

Chris' Case Study
 (Verizon & Church)

Other Videos

"What if I don't have any Sales experience?"

Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA, FB Ads, Shopify

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Moved to San Francisco apartment with awesome views in 2021. I live alone. In the pic above, I had bunch of my friends from this lead gen program over.

Dan has over 10 years experience in local lead generation, I'm one of his protégés or original success student.

The Lead Gen Gang - The Good Life Beyond the 9 to 5 Paradigm

In 2019 We Did Regional Events

(Separate from our Annual Vegas event)

Los Angeles




In 2020 We Held Our Annual Vegas Event in September

With COVID It was Not Easy

But We Wanted to Set an Example of What Being an Entrepreneur is All About

Problem Solving & Never Giving Up!

Our Latest FB Testimonials Being Updated Every Few Days

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Still want more proof? Well, Check this out…

We let someone into our FB group temporarily to take a peek, & he asked if this program was worth it, here’s what our students had to say…

Here's What Everyone Asks Us

1. "Who are you?"

A growing group of internet entrepreneurs working together to build lifestyle businesses.

2. “So what, exactly, do you do?”

Marketing and advertising for small local businesses. Generating leads by ranking websites organically in Google.

3. “What’s in it for them?”

Money! We help them get more customers = more revenue for them so they don’t mind paying us.

4. “What’s in it for you?”

Same. It’s a win-win situation. We take a “sliver to deliver.” Errbody’s happy.

5. “Why wouldn’t they do it themselves?”

Same reason you don’t give yourself a root canal. (They’re not qualified or interested.) Many of them don’t have the time, they’re too busy running their own business.

6. “If it’s so great, why tell me?”

There’s way too many niches & cities out there. So many small businesses that need help, not even close to enough of us to go around.

7. “But I don’t know the first thing about marketing and advertising for business owners.”

Lucky for you, we do. Our process is proven. And we’ve got the tools, the training, and the support to take any “newbie” from dud to stud in a matter of weeks, not years.

8. “What if I’m low on time or money, or both?”

Other than domain names, hosting, tracking numbers and some optional outsourcing, the costs to build this business are minimal. And if you’ve got a couple hours a day? That’s more than enough to get started.

9. “Why schedule a call? So you can sell me?”

Yeah. But to also make sure you’re good fit for our group & to see you’ve got what it takes to make this business model a success.