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You start off by building a website, using simple drag and drop editors, such a wordpress, weebly, or wix. The site will be aimed at local, essential services. Think plumbing, roofing, HVAC, concrete, kitchen and bath renovation, even doctors, lawyers, and dentists. We're looking for businesses that are always in demand, regardless of how the economy is doing; businesses that never go out of style. You'll also want to assign your site a Google phone number and an email to collect leads that will eventually come through.

Think of your website as a digital property. You buy the land and build the property with the intention of renting it out to tenants. 


You'll register your website as a Google business and then, using search engine optimization techniques (SEO), you'll rank your site to the top slots on Google's (highly sought after) local search results.

The SEO ranking process would akin to making improvements to the property to increase its value, increasing it's market viability, and ultimately making it a more desirable place to live.


The last step is to simply prospect for clients. If you're smart, you'll have already been sending free leads to your "target" businesses while your site was ranking. This ensures that they already have a taste for the value of your service before you've even made contact.

If you build it, they will come.



Working from home is great, but so is working from a beach, your favorite coffee shop, or a decked out sprinter van. Few things are as liberating as passive income - and Lead Gen only requires that you have an internet connection, a laptop, and a phone. With our business model, your office is wherever you want it to be.


Traditionally, passive income is something reserved for the wealthy elites of this world and generally involves buying up property, real estate, or developing expensive assets. That being said, the key to passive income is in ownership of something that has value. With Lead Gen, your assets are your websites, which you rent out for a monthly fee to local businesses. The work is mostly front loaded, too, so once you've got a few sites running and paired with clients, you're free to scale to your hearts content. Eventually you'll hit your revenue goals. From there you can either continue to scale, or pump the brakes and enjoy a life of freedom that only passive income can afford. 


Local businesses like making money - and we like to start off our relationships by giving free leads. Once your site starts ranking and pulling in customers, you'll immediately forward those leads to a local business. Give it a month or two - and then follow up to land a deal. You don't need to be a sales master, because the the model works and will sell itself. Once these business owners experience what you can do for them, they'll be clamoring for your partnership. 

High Barrier of Entry

This is no get rich quick scheme - and our business model is designed in a way to keep the chumps out. Success demands focus, energy, and the belief in oneself. However, you don't need a tech or web design background to make this work. We lay out the groundwork in a way that is proven to be successful for anyone willing to put in the effort.

Support Skilled Labor and Local Businesses

Skilled labor is the backbone of our society and we, at Social Crawlytics, believe that their expertise and dedication is deserving of recognition.  The Lead Generation model is in service of these businesses and strives to provide a platform to elevate their standing within their communities There are no shady sales tactics. Simply put, you make money when your clients make money. Once they know what your service is capable of providing, skilled businesses will be clamoring for your support. It's a win-win situation for parties involved.


From roofing to plumbing, to doctors to dentists... there are literally thousands of niches and locations to choose from. And Lead Generation isn't just limited to the states. We have thousands of students from all over the world. All you need is to have access to Google and you're good to go.

In-Depth Webinar & Case Studies on the Next Page...