October 25

StartupBros Course – E-Commerce Empire Review 2019


Starting your own business can be way more profitable than a J.O.B.

Also it’s just more rewarding. You are building your own assets!

That idea is becoming more popular as lots of startups generate solid incomes while enjoying more free time.

How do you achieve this goal? That’s why the Startup Bros created this course.

Though this course taught me a lot of great things, I have found that combining multiple methods of passive income is the way to go.

I’ve combined a few strategies from this course, but my main focus has been on a genius method of business lead generation. I make $50k a month, from my home, in my PJs doing this.

Today, I will review the StartupBros’ “E-Commerce Empire” and compare it with business lead gen.

Let’s check it out…

Who are the StartupBros?

The StartupBros was founded by Will Mitchell who wanted to use the internet to make money, plain and simple.

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He didn’t want to work for others. He hated the nine to five life.

The result was a booming ecom business that let him earn consistent revenue while he was on the golf course.

He wanted to share his success with others. He knew the secrets. So why not reveal them?

 E-Commerce Empire Summary

He took everything he learned from starting his companies and turned into easy to understand course work.

Each module of this bootcamp takes you through a different strategy for earning online.

There are lots of strategies and Tim has done them all. Essentially, he gives you the option to pick the strategy that fits your business goals.

You can even follow Tim’s path and build all these strategies into successful online businesses.

He just doesn’t give you theory. He offers clearly defined blueprints for different types of online businesses. These are the exact templates from companies he created and sold for a tidy profit.

You learn how to start internet businesses like:

·         Amazon based drop ship businesses

·         Affiliate marketer companies

·         Shopify based companies

·         Ecom subscription-based businesses

·         Referral ecom platforms

He does more than give you a checklist. He takes you through the process of launching each of these businesses. He shows you how to establish storefront pages that bring in new traffic. He shows you how to research and price products for Amazon selling pages.

If you ever wondered how affiliate marketing works, Tim will show you. He gives you the basics of how to get started, so you can earn six figures like the best affiliate marketers out there.

He gives you the insight you need to launch a subscription-based company that leverages already existing products.

He even shows you how to set up a company that takes a percentage from other sales online.

The best part is that you get to pick and choose what company you find interesting.

Tim shows you the methods he has used for years to promote his sites, including proven techniques for launching Facebook ads.

He has developed a template for email marketing that keeps loyal customers buying more.

Why look at online classified ads? Searching for a job is depressing. Starting your own business gives you the motivation and energy to live a fuller life.

No boss. No deadlines. You never have to sit in a cubicle again. And forget having to worry about picking a tie to wear to work.

The greatest takeaway from this ecom course is that you get command of your life and your earnings.

It’s the best way to do business and the best way to live. 

I Think Ecom is Good to Learn, But This Led to Real Results For Me…

The system I use is called “business lead generation.”

It works like this…

First, we have a company that is suffering from not having enough clients to keep itself up and running.

So, what we do is make a website, get it to a top spot on Google’s search results page, and forward the leads the website gets to the company.

From there, they make deals with the leads and profit from them. While, we take a bit of that for our service.

Here’s how ecom compares to this line of work:

Cons of eCommerce

  • Might make you depend on third-party sellers, some of which are unreliable
  • Can put your personal information at risk
  • Competition with people all over the world
  • Work requires a lot of time and attention

Why I Think Business Lead Generation is So Ingenious

  • There is no need for upkeep toward your website once it is set up
  • Sells itself
  • Consistent and predictable payment to you every month
  • Satisfaction from the fact that your work keeps companies in business

This limo service website of mine should be a good example of what I’m talking about:

The rank of the website on search engines is what gets it attention from potential clients. It’s basically what makes the website valuable.

The best part about this is that once your website is up there and getting leads for the company your working with, you can move on to other things without needing to lay another finger on the finished website.

Basically, the website just generates leads and profits you without the need for attention.

Pretty great, huh?

Another great fact about this line of work, is that every website you make is 100% owned by you. From what it does to who it does it for. It’s completely controlled by you!

Here is another great example of what to expect. This one is for a tree care service:

It’s pretty fun to work with and benefit such a variety of companies and getting paid so much for it.

It’s also good to know that there are plenty of other people who do this.

In fact, we’ve got a huge online community, so if you’ve got any problems, just ask away!

This guy started not too long ago and is already finding success:

To start, this course in lead generation will get you up and running.

Trust me, you won’t look back after taking this opportunity.


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