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Andrei Kreicbergs Course – eBay Dropshipping Coaching 2.0 Review 2019


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If you are searching for an online business model that delivers profits faster, then drop shipping may be the answer.

Drop shippers are earning six figures without having to do very much. Most drop shippers work from their home office and on their own time.

Drop shipping doesn’t require you to keep an inventory. You basically become a for-profit middleman using online e-tailers like Amazon and eBay.

Along with dropshipping, I’ve used several different methods before being able to say I’m earning $50k a month.

I had the most personal success by building passive income through generating leads for businesses by ranking websites on Google.

Today, I’ll be giving you an insight on Andrei’s course, as well as comparing eBay dropshipping with business lead generation.

Who is Andrei Kreicbergs?

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Andrei Kreicbergs has been successfully managing drop shipping businesses for years.

He has leveraged the ecom giants eBay and Amazon and earns by selling other company’s products from these platforms. Over the years he has learned a lot and is ready to start sharing the secrets to his success as a drop shipping master.

eBay Drop shipping Coaching 2.0 Summary

Andrei created this complete course to cover all the drop shipping industry most-knows.

He built the course for both beginners and experienced drop shippers. He wanted to help new entrepreneurs find their way in drop shipping without all the bumps in the road he experienced.

He also found that many seasoned drop shippers didn’t know everything they need to know to scale their business. So, he built this course to cover all the bases.

Andrei begins by ensuring that product research is the holy grail of drop shipping.

Finding hot selling products takes time and patience. When you find products that are selling fast, then it’s time to pounce.

Andrei includes many important checklists that a drop shipper needs when researching new product.

He helps newbies avoid dud products or worse, highly popular products that are not worth the investment.

 There is a sweet spot to drop ship research and Andrei takes you there.

Beyond this key piece of information, Andrei take you through every step in the drop shipping process:

·         Building the best storefronts for optimized sales

·         Setting up companion pages on Amazon and eBay

·         How to establish streamlined shipping and return shipping settings

·         Increasing your product page ranking through ad spend

·         Evaluating the competition

·         Working with third party vendors

After establishing a robust storefront, Andrei helps you begin optimizing your pages to improve performance. He can’t emphasize enough the importance of metrics.

He goes on a deep dive to show how metrics help you keep buyers on your store pages longer. 

He reveals how you can boost the rank of Amazon product listings with better SEO.

Andrei also introduces you to helpful tools that can keep your optimization exercises disciplined and consistent.

Probably the most important aspect of Andrei’s training, is the ability to put the entire business on autopilot. That means stepping away from your home computer to enjoy life.

In Andrei’s opinion, this is the sweetest aspect of drop shipping. You can easily begin automating the process after you get it going.

From there you can sleep in longer, go on vacation or spend time with family.

Drop shipping is the best solution for anyone looking to escape the nine-to-five. 

Andrei’s Course was Great, but This was What Got Me Where I am Today…

It’s not a complicated business model.

Businesses have to get they’re brand out there to the eyes of potential clients.

That’s where we get involved.

With our skills we set up a website that can bring these clients to them. 

Now then, I’d bet your wondering how business lead gen compares to eBay dropshipping:

Cons of eBay Dropshipping

  • No control over stock
  • Responsible for refunds if dropship company is irresponsible
  • Low margins
  • Scammers

What I Love About Business Lead Generation

  • Benefits everyone involved
  • Once set up, it requires almost no maintenance
  • No risk of losing your website or rank if a business drops you
  • Long term passive income via digital properties
  • Very reliable monthly income

Here’s an example of a site I’ve built for that purpose. This one is for a limo service:

How does it work?

We set up a website and make it relevant on Google’s search results. Our website gets calls from potential clients for the business. The site forwards those calls to the business and we get paid.

Best part? Once a site is set up generating calls, it won’t need much more attention to function.

And YOUR the owner of the site. Anything the site does is within your control.

I’m gaining passive income from about 80 sites. Including this tree care site:

I’m earning $2k a month from them alone. 

There really is no other business model like it.

I am so passionate about it and I’m sure once you’re involved you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here is someone who has already been repaid for the work he’s done:

There are so many other people, some making more than even me! And we’ve all have taken the same business lead generation course and are ready to lend a hand if you’ve got any issues.

I’m sure you’ll love joining this thriving community of people.

You definitely won’t look back.


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