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Nate Schmidt Course – Ecom Copy Crash Course Review 2019


Ecom Copy Crash Course (ECCC) is an online training course created by ecommerce expert Nate Schmidt.

ECCC aims to teach individuals how to build e-commerce stores that can make money while you sleep.

Ecom Copy Crash Course teaches you all of the timeless marketing, sales, and copywriting principles needed to make your stores profitable.

Everyone’s raving about e-commerce stores, dropshipping, and selling products online.

But the majority of beginners who have e-commerce stores aren’t making any money from their stores, in fact, a lot are losing money every month.

You can’t just throw up a beautiful store without any promotion and get sales. 

The internet no longer works as it used to, and you actually have to promote to get the ball rolling.

The good news is that this isn’t that difficult to learn how to do, and ECCC is one of the best courses you can learn from.

It’s taken a lot of trial and error for me to find what was going to allow me to earn the living I’ve only dreamt of.

I finally found it after combing what this course has to offer, as well as educating myself in generating leads for businesses.

Firstly, I will review Nate’s “Ecom Copy Crash Course.” Further on, I will compare it with business lead gen and also give you the low down on that as well.

Who is Nate Schmidt?

Nate Schmidt is a 21-year old entrepreneur who dropped out of school.

Before dropping out, Nate attended college in North Carolina and had thousands of dollars in student loans.

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He worked as a pizza delivery guy, and his curiosity somehow led him to learn about selling products online.

He now makes thousands of dollars every month in profits from his e-commerce stores.

He now enjoys traveling and teaching others his strategies so that others can learn how to make money online too.

Ecom Copy Crash Course Summary

In order to be successful in e-commerce, you have to understand sales and marketing.

Nate tries his best to make sure his students understand how to market their stores properly. Even though the courses’ primary focus is about e-commerce, the class mostly focuses on those sales and marketing principles that you can apply to any online business.

The Ecom Copy Crash Course is packed into 5 sections full of information.

Here are some of the valuable takeaways you’ll gain from inside:

  • Learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing
  • How to turn your store into a money making system that even runs while you’re sleep
  • Learn the secrets to create ads that convert profitably for your store.
  • Learn to write persuasive ad copy for your e-commerce stores.
  • Discover the best way to pick a niche and products for your stores.

Nate has been able to make a full-time income for himself using these strategies. 

He’s also been able to train others who have gone on to become successful in this industry themselves.

If building an online business is your dream, then ECCC is a perfect complementary course.

It gives you a lot of necessary information you should know about running and marketing an online store or any sort of online business.

Nate’s Course Helped Me Reach Some Goals, But I Truly Began to Thrive Off of This…

Here is how E-commerce compares to generating leads for businesses:

Negatives with E-commerce

  • There is competition at a worldwide level
  • Dealing with some customers can prove to be a difficulty
  • Early bad feedback will make profits suffer greatly
  • Time consuming

Why Marketing Leads for Businesses is My #1 Choice

  • Large profit margins
  • A reliable and predictable monthly income
  • Ownership and control over all of your websites
  • Little to no maintenance required once your website has been established

This is how it works…

A business is lacking in profits and needs to reach out to more customers to thrive.

They then get people like us to build them a website, get it to the front page on Google’s search results in their respective field, and forward the leads the website generates from being placed there to them.

They make deals with the leads, and in turn we both profit.

It’s a simple process that yields positive results for everyone involved.

Here’s a website I started a few years back with a limousine service:

See how the website is relevant on the search results?

That’s what makes the service we give to these companies valuable.

Plus, once it’s up top, there’s no need to do any maintenance for that website. Just move on to make another while that one generates profits for you and leads for the business that’s paying you.

And since you own the sites you make, there isn’t any risk of having to start over if someone leaves your service. Just move the leads to someone who will pay.

Here is a tree care service that has been paying me $2k a month for this website I made four years ago:

We’ve also got a huge online community populated by people all around the world in this line of work. So if you come across an obstacle, someone will be able to help you move forward.

This guy is already making strides toward a healthy future:

With this online lead gen for businesses course you’ll have the knowledge you need to move toward your goals.

Good luck on your new beginning as a business lead generator!


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