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Ricky Hayes Course – Ecom Lifestyle University Review 2019


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Finding everything you need to run a high performing ecom site is not easy.

SEO insights and content strategy are like two different beasts. Fortunately, one entrepreneur has found a way to curate all the essential knowledge of ecom into one powerful course.

That would be Ricky Hayes.

While Ricky’s method alone was enough to reach some of my financial goals, I wanted more.

By using a combination of Ricky’s vision for eCommerce and marketing leads to businesses online, I was able to reach an income of $50k a month.

In this article, I will be giving you the low down on Ricky’s course, as well as giving a comparison between it and business lead gen.

Who is Ricky Hayes?

Ricky Hayes is a digital entrepreneur who specializes in launching highly successful ecom sites.

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He has developed methods that are tested and proven. He continues to build his own sites which generate consistent revenue growth.

All his secrets have been provided in these comprehensive training modules.

Ecom Lifestyle University Summary

Ricky’s system begins with a deep dive into ecom site construction. This is not a technical exploration. Ricky is focused on the look and feel that drives site engagement.

So, he gives tremendous insight into user experience and navigation bar language.

He shows in case studies how these factors keep visitors to your site involved. The longer visitors stay on site the more likely they will buy.

 Ricky takes you through the development process for shopping carts. Most are simple, but Ricky explains how the journey a buyer takes can be impacted by a poor shopping cart process.

He gives you the best practices that make ecom buying effortless and profit driven.

Ricky explores all the ways you can position yourself online. That means analyzing your competition, examining product categories and pricing.

Ricky gives you detailed checklists to make these processes easier and actually fun to learn.

Managing ecom also involves watching your metrics. Ricky gives you best performance examples of what you want from your site. He looks at engagement rates and time on site and then gives you the solutions to drive these valuable numbers up.

Most courses would end there. But Ricky’s University is aptly named. He goes beyond the basics into the critical insights of inbound marketing specifically for ecom.

·         How to master Facebook traffic for powerful results

·         How to build effective engaging page content

·         How to use SEM to build consistent sales funnels

·         How to use email marketing to establish lasting relationships with loyal buyers

·         How to establish new buyers through Facebook Messenger

Ricky even goes into some of the best ways to manage an online business. He introduces you to cost-effective approaches to outsourcing web writers and programmers.

He gets into the details of scaling your business. Learn how to expand your product offering effectively. He even shows you how to launch and manage multiple ecom sites at once.

By the time you finish the course you have more than adequate knowledge to either launch your own successful ecom page or to optimize the one you have.

Ricky’s ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to establish powerful revenue streams that can be easily managed from your home office.

With supporting templates and checklists, you will feel fully equipped to tackle any and all ecom challenges.

As the best foundation for becoming a digital entrepreneur, Ricky’s University definitely schools you on all the essentials of ecom. 

While Ricky’s Course Helped Me Financially, This Gave Me More Success…

Business lead generation is a method that helps everyone involved.

What people like me do is, make a website for a business, rank it up on Google’s search results, and forward the leads the website gets to the business that is paying me.

They profit hugely from the deals I send them, I get a bit of that profit for myself.

Let’s compare this with eCommerce:

Negatives of eCommerce

  • Worldwide competition
  • Time consuming work
  • Difficult customers
  • Risk of not selling enough product

Pros of Biz Lead Gen

  • Great margins
  • Your work helps businesses survive
  • Consistent monthly income
  • Minimal maintenance needed for your websites

This limousine service website of mine would make a good example of what I’m talking about:

The spot in which your website is placed on Google is what makes it worth so much to the business you’re working with.

My favorite part about this is that once your website is up there, you won’t need to touch it again.

And it’s always in your possession. You control what the site does and who it does it for.

So, there is no risk of starting over if a company doesn’t need your website anymore! Just get it to forward leads to whoever will pay.

Here is a tree care service that I’ve been working with for four years now:

I’ve been earning $2000 a month from them alone.

I earn that much, because the leads I forward profit them much more.

And I’m not the only one doing this…

There are people all over the world who are in this line of work and if you’ve got any questions, one of them is surely able to help you out.

This community has served me well, and it will do the same for you.

Here’s someone who has gone off to an incredible start:

And to start, this course in lead generation will give you all the knowledge you’ll need.

It will be the first step in your journey toward a greater future!


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