October 24

Hayden Bowles Course – Ecom Remastered 2.0 Review 2019


Of all the media buys you can make, Facebook continues to be one of the highest ranking platforms for conversions.

That’s because the high level of targeting lets you reach the most ideal audience for your product.

But there is a lot to learn beyond the basic back end dashboard.

 Knowing how to manage your FB campaigns requires professional insight. That’s where Hayden Bowles comes in.

What Hayden has taught me helped me earn enough to get by, but once combing his method with generating leads for local businesses, I was able to thrive.

In this article I will be reviewing Hayden’s “Ecom Remastered 2.0” and compare it with business lead gen.

Let’s jump in…

Who is Hayden Bowles?

Hayden Bowles is a digital marketer who specializes in social media advertising.

His focus on Facebook is no accident. From years developing ad campaigns across different social platforms, Facebook proved to be one of the highest converting.

To help ecom marketers improve their reach and revenue, he developed a great starter course that puts Facebook ad methods front and center.

Ecom Remastered 2.0 Summary

Facebook offers a highly diverse approach to advertising. Unlike many social platforms, FB provides numerous options for an advertiser.

All these options work differently and deliver different kinds of results.

That’s where Hayden’s insight is especially helpful. He leads you through the different ad formats available.

Why does a promoted post work well and a targeted ad not? He reveals some of the secret value of Facebook video ads.

 He shows how carousel ads can help amplify a product’s attributes without a lot of spend.

These are just a few of the tips that you gain from this complete course. You also learn:

·         Scaling your Facebook ad campaign performance over a promotional period

·         Utilizing birthday ads to capture new audiences on a personal level

·         Creating effective sales funnels with diverse ad campaigns

·         How to understand Facebook metrics for improved optimization

·         Targeting audiences using built-in Facebook tools

·         Properly budgeting campaigns so you never overspend

What’s great about Hayden’s course is that he takes his intel to the point of conversion.

 In other words, he shows you what happens when Facebook followers click on your ad.

He goes into detail on how to manage the ecom side of that transaction. How do you weigh in on Facebook audiences that come to your page and buy?

Hayden shows how using his methods you can retarget them and sell them more.  His insight into repeat buyers is highly useful and reveals that you can actually build a solid customer base from Facebook.

He explores the options of affiliate marketing using Facebook. It’s actually one of the hottest tools used by affiliates and Hayden leaves no stone unturned to give you the full possibilities that Facebook selling offers.

He even goes into detail about the buyer’s journey. As an ecom marketer, this is critical information that helps you understand your buyer better and what to improve to make their buying experience exceptional.

If you are a digital marketer supporting another company the information Hayden provides amplifies your consultant status. You can earn more for your clients like never before.

If you are managing your own online business, then the detailed strategies offered by Hayden can help increase your revenue and make you an absolute winner with a solid social selling strategy. 

There is Much To Gain From Hayden’s Course, But This Was More Successful For Me…

Here is how the two methods compare:

Negatives with E-Commerce

  • Lack of security over personal information
  • Bad reviews over your product could result in big losses
  • Very competitive
  • Little control over pricing due to high competition

Pros of Business Lead Gen

  • Easy to sell
  • Customers are less likely to leave you
  • Help businesses in your own area thrive
  • Once established, your websites won’t require much attention

Now here’s how the process works.

A large part of thriving in most industries is building a noticeable online presence.

So, they go to people like us, who can make them a website, rank it up on Google’s search engine, and forward the leads it gets to the business.

They make highly profitable deals while we sit back and let our website forward those leads to them.

And of course, we get paid for making it possible for them.

This limo service website I made serves as a great example:

As you can see it’s on top of the search results, which results in plenty of leads coming through for the business.

And once it’s getting those leads, you won’t have to lay another finger on the website.

It’s a true way of passive income.

But, what if the company I’m working with decides to drop me?

Well, I own the website, so I can just reroute the leads to another company that is willing to pay me.

Here is another example. This one is for a tree care service:

There are also many other business lead generators out there as well.

We boast a huge online community filled with old and new members who can help you out if you’ve got any questions when first starting out.

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

This guy is already making strides toward a great future:

With this business lead generation course you’ll learn everything you need to get started.

Good luck on your venture toward building a passive income you can live off of!


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