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Digital Marketing is on the rise… With Social Media Marketing playing a big part.

It’s a game based on statistics & algorithms – enough to make anyone’s head spin.

So, who do you turn to…? Someone racking up 10mil in revenue over the past few years might be a good start.

Before we go any further, I need to make one thing crystal.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with Rene Lacard or any of the other courses or creators I might mention in this review.

THIS MEANS: You get an honest review without me getting paid to say nice things.
Who am I? I’m Ippei. Welcome to my review blog.

I’ve been a full-time player in the online biz world now since 2014 & I’ve tried my hand at all the biz models… Some with greater success than others.

Over the years I’ve found that the best online biz model for me it’s Local Lead Generation.

Local Lead Gen uses aspects of Digital Marketing so I’m actively involved in the field & will be able to give you a unique perspective In this review we’ll discuss what you can expect when joining the program, pros & cons, who the creators are & some alternatives available to you…Because let’s face it… who doesn’t like options?

Let’s get cracking!

1. What is Rockstar Marketing? 

Rockstar Marketing Mastery is a mentorship program from Rene Lacad. It's a step-by-step guide on how to become a marketing Rockstar.

You’ll learn the exact methods Rene used to create his dream life. Starting with marketing for your small biz, all the way to creating your own social media business.

Once signed up, you'll get access to over 8+ hours of training & some easy-to-use templates. You'll also gain access Rene's exclusive marketing community. This is a great source of info & networking.
Even if you’re pushed for time, you’ll manage to complete the course by dedicating only 9min a day! Each lesson is designed to be easy & to the point, so everyone can reach their goals.

Below is just a quick layout of what the course curriculum entails. 
  • Module 1

  • Module 2

  • Module 3

  • Module 4

The Fundamentals: 7 Lessons 
  • Introduction 03:24
  • Trends vs. Fads 02:25
  • Google University 02:25
  • Supply & Demand 02:55
  • Opportunity Cost 02:28
  • Networking Basics 02:07
  • Cultivating a Winning Mindset 03:02
    • Module 5

    • Module 6

    • Module 7

    • Module 8

    Creativity Unleashed: 8 Lessons 
  • Unleash Your Creativity 06:53
  • How to Brainstorm Effectively 04:51
  • How to Brainstorm Effectively Live Coming Soon
  • Creative Advertising Trumps All 03:04
  • What Makes a Great Ad 09:02
  • Anatomy of Successful Ads Coming Soon
  • Writing Copy That Converts Coming Soon
  • Laptop Examples + Extras Coming Soon
  • If you look at the course curriculum, it seems as if Rene covered all the bases. (I just have a problem with the length and the quality of content...)

    Anyway, to give you an idea of who Rene Lacad is, and how he presents his course, here's a FREE mini-course on: "3 Steps That Took Me From Dropout To Millionaire."

    2. Who is Rene Lacad? 

    Rene Lacad is a 24-year-old college dropout turned entrepreneur.
    He's the founder of Lacadvertisement, an advertising agency that's partnered with over 20+ businesses and generated over $10,000,000+ in online revenue.

    In addition to Lacadvertisement, Rene has also founded two other six-figure companies as well as consulted for many of social media's familiar faces.

    His lifestyle content catches a lot of traction on social media – he’s super flashy & extravagant… exotic locations, girls in bikinis, beautiful houses, fast cars... 
    I think you get the idea.

    You might be wondering; how does a college dropout build multiple companies at age 24 and make over $10m in revenue?
    That’s exactly what Rene aims to teach you with his Rockstar Program.

    3. How Does Digital Marketing Work?

    Digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or assets.

    Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing & even blogging are all great examples of digital marketing - they help introduce people to your company & convince them to buy your products.
    Digital marketing is a great option for any business. It can help all kinds of businesses grow—from mom-and-pop shops to internationally recognized brands & beyond.

    Your approach & understanding of what your clients need, is so different from traditional marketing. Which turns this into a whole other ball game.

    That’s the beauty of advertising online. If you know who you want to target, you can use digital marketing to target anyone, anywhere.

    BUT: You need to be aware of the problems... (like it's expensive & difficult to master)

    4. Is Rockstar Marketing Legit or a Scam?

    When doing a quick search on Rene Lacad, it will no doubt bring up this...
    Don’t Panic… It’s not a scam. Very weird marketing & not sure I would’ve gone the same route but I’ll give it to him. 

    What happened was, a popular YouTuber exposing scam artists, did a piece on Rene… & found out he’s legit…

    So, Rene did what anybody (yeah not really) in that situation would do, instead of professing his innocence he decided to promote the ‘scam’. 

    This marketing ploy can easily backfire when people only read the headlines and don't go through the content...

    Doing that takes some big ones...

    5. How much does Rene Lacad's Mentorship Cost? Any Specials?

    Instead of selling each course individually Rene has bundled them all together at one ridiculously low price – especially considering the content you will be receiving.
    You will be getting all the below content for the single price of... $49.

    Pros of Rockstar Marketing

    6. Price & Refunds

    You’re getting serious BANG for your buck… You really can’t go wrong.
    Plus, they have a fantastic 30-day full refund policy with no catches. So, even if you find that it’s really the course for you then you can get your money back…
    It’s a win-win guys & gals. 

    7. New Updated Content Every Month

    Social media changes fast. So, it’s good to know these guys are making sure you get the most up to date relevant info so you can stay on top of your game.

    8. Cheat Sheets & Easy Templates

    Rene & team have done a great job in making your life easier.

    You’ll get cheat sheets & summaries for easy access to all the key insights taught during the program.
    You’ll also get pdf templates & MP3 audio recordings for when you’re on the go.

    This makes starting your marketing business a lot less intimidating.

    9. The Exclusive Rockstar Marketing Community

    Half of success is what you know, the other half is who you know. You’ll get access to a private community of marketing instructors & peers.

    Half of success is what you know, the other half is who you know. You’ll get access to a private community of marketing instructors & peers.

    It’s always good to have like-minded people around you who know what you’re going through. 

    Cons of Rockstar Marketing

    10. Basic

    The program lacks depth. Subjects like FB & Google are just touched on. I think that you’ll need a bit more training on some aspects before you’ll be ready to get out there & take over the world.
    Ask yourself how much you can really learn from a 2 to 3 minute tutorial...

    11. Focuses only on Social Media

    The world of Digital Marketing is huge. Rockstar Marketing focuses purely on Social Media and neglects everything else...

    12. Competition is High

    While you can reach a global audience with digital marketing, you are also up against global competition. 

    Rene fails to mention anything about competition and what a cut-throat industry it is. Starting out as a small fish in the ocean of SMMA's is NOT for the feint of heart or those not willing to work their butts off.

    It’s challenging to stand out against competitors & grab their attention among the many messages.

    Rene teaches you nothing that's really gonna make you stand out.

    13. No legalities are discussed

    There are a number of legal considerations around collecting and using customer data for digital marketing purposes.

    You’ve got to make sure you comply with all the rules regarding privacy & data protection… you could get into some serious hot water over it.

    And this is just one thing you need to know about. 

    When it comes to starting a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to learn a LOT of new skills to just get proficient...

    14. Do Rene Lacad's Students Actually Make Money?

    That would be an astounding YES (according to his website). Please feel free to check out his Testimonial section for yourself on the course site:
    Those are the testimonials and they do seem impressive, right?

    15. Who's a Good Fit for Rockstar Marketing Blueprint

    As it’s a step-by-step mentoring program, this is perfect for new entrepreneurs.
    Without breaking the bank, you’ll get the basics of digital marketing while aiming to create your own social media business. 


    If you have internet access and you're ready to learn skills that can change your life, this is perfect for you."

    Rene Lacard 

    16. What alternatives are there to Rene's Rockstar Marketing?

    If you want to learn more than just about Facebook Ads & Instagram posts then Paid Traffic Mastery by Molly Pittman might be a good fit for you.
    You’ll get training on advertising platforms such as Google, YouTube & even LinkedIn (not many LinkedIn courses out there)

    This course is currently available for $495.
    Another option is 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency by Billy Willson. This is for those of who’s looking to expand you’re beyond one niche.
    It’s an easy course to follow & Billy does a good job in sharing proven funnels for different niches.
    There’s also a really good section on cold calling.
    Billy’s course is currently available for $1 500… (It’s gone up a bit seems like…) 

    How Does Social Media Marketing Stand up to Others? Like Dropshipping, & Lead Generation?

    I’ve learned a few things during my numerous dabbles in online biz models.One of the main things I’ve learned is that different biz models suit different people.

    Each biz model comes with their own set of pros & cons. In the end, it’s really up to you to do your homework & see what’s gonna be best suited for your personality type.

    If you’re struggling to figure just how to do this, then I can highly recommend MJ DeMarco's book, The Millionaire Fastlane.

    If you’re serious about business, then trust me – this book has got to have a top spot on your must-read list.

    Great, but how’s it gonna help me NOW?

    Simple, for now, just follow MJ’s C.E.N.T.S model: Control, Entry, Need, Time, Scale.

    Just applying this one simple technique will already prove invaluable in helping you pick which biz model works for you.

    For today, let’s focus on just two of these…

    18. Control:

    We often assume that because we own the business, we’d have the control, right? 

    Well not so much… An easy way to figure this out is to ask yourself the following question:

    Do you have control over whatever little universe your business is based on?
    No control over business
    With Local Lead Gen the answer is plain & simply YES.
    This is because you own the websites… Think of it as being digital real estate - It’s your asset. No one can take this away from you or overnight triple your monthly expenses.
    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for SMM.

    You are subject to all sorts of possible upsets; from platforms kicking you off, ad campaigns not being approved, to subscribers giving you the boot… It’s all a bit of a fickle game if you ask me… 

    19. Scale:

    The fantastic thing about digital marketing is that it is reachable to a global market.

    Take Lead Gen for example, it’s super scalable!!

    You can go into 10 or even 100 different niches (tree service, limo rental, HVAC, etc.) …& that’s just in ONE city!!

    Wanna scale to the Moon? No Problem… just rinse & repeat the process to easily cover multiple cities.

    If you have an SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency), it is a bit more difficult. Not impossible, just more difficult. Just keep the following in mind:

    • If you go global, remember to check each country’s policies re client information & privacy laws.
    • Remember, each country is unique & what works in one might not work in another…


    Right off the bat let me just say this - For the price that you’re paying you’re gonna be looking long & hard to find something that will cover this much as an introduction to digital, or more specifically, social media marketing.

    Although Rene looks like a flashy fake guru; & don’t get me wrong – he is flashy… He is however, far from being fake.
    Rene’s been consistently growing his business & has been making 7+figures for consecutively for years now - doing exactly what he’s teaching you.
    He did not create this program to make money from it – far from it.
    This is his way of giving back.
    Rockstar Marketing is not a bad program… I do feel however, that there’s some aspects that could’ve been looked at a bit more. 

    Overall, it's a GREAT introduction to social marketing.


    19. Rene's Course works, but Generating Leads is Better, Here's Why:

    Targeted Ads:
    Ads, Ads, Ads everywhere! I know you’re getting as frustrated as me… Today’s online marketing platforms are dominated by ads.

    Advertising is one of the main channels for these platform giants to make money on. That’s why they really focus on promoting & luring businesses in to use their ads platform.
    Take Facebook for example:

    Let’s be honest: Facebook ads was a revolution. With its ability to target specific audiences, it’s made itself known as a very powerful tool… & they know it. 

    So, does everyone in SMM…
    Truth is – it’s creepy & most people think it’s a massive invasion of privacy… So please use with care…

    Feedback & Complaints:
    SMM is a very powerful promotional tool… but it can also use that same force to negatively impact a business.
    When adopting SMM, one of the things you should know is that you’re entering a new world - with new threats.

    The internet is filled with miscreant & unscrupulous elements whose goal is to see you fail. They’ll slander your business & post negative comments – even without having a clue what it is you actually do.
    If not managed properly, such negative publicity could go viral or even close down your business…

    Staying Relevant:
    Social media is constantly changing and if you’re not up-to-date, you’re going to fall behind the others.
    With an SMMA, you need to always stay engaged, monitor & be up to date on what’s relevant & trending for your marketing efforts to have any effect.

     This is not only time-consuming but can be challenging.
    People can be quite fickle at times & losing a bunch of subscribers over something said is not uncommon.

    Look at these two simple facts supporting Lead Gen over Social Media Marketing:
    Improved Conversion Rates:
    Here’s the truth, if you have a website, then customers are only ever a few clicks away from buying.
    Look at these stats from SmartInsights:

    "81% of people search online for a product or service"

    A website allows you to find new markets & trade globally. Combined with properly planned & well targeted campaigns, this means you can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than social media marketing.

    Organic Google Ranking Still Takes Top Spot:
    You’ll often hear company owners saying “I want to rank top” for their target keywords.

    And they’re right, since claiming those top positions in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) drives up your organic CTR like nothing else.

    In fact, 2020 research from Sistrix reveals that the average click rate for first position in Google is currently 28.5%.

    Google is still King and is still MUCH cheaper than most other social media platforms.

    With Local Lead Gen, you rank organically for FREE...

    Take that into consideration and Lead Gen makes more sense...


    There are tens of millions of ad accounts - and more independent FB ad agencies are popping up every day, all of whom are fighting for the same attention. In 2021, getting your advertisements seen is a matter of outspending your competition.


    Ad prices have doubled in price over the last year. When you factor in ad development, split testing, and monitoring, a single ad campaign can easily cost thousands of dollars.


    Effective ads are easily copied - and Facebook has little to no protection against plagiarism.


    The key to long term wealth is in building and owning valuable assets, but with Facebook advertising, you own nothing. You're bound to the confines of an aging social media platform with an advertising system that is increasingly ineffective.


    Facebook is quick to shut down advertising accounts - and their terms of service are ever changing. If 2 people report a single ad (for every 5000 impressions), it is likely your account will be suspended.


    Facebook advertising does not provide passive income. You will work for every penny.


    Facebook ads have grown increasingly ineffective, especially with Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials. Ad blockers are becoming a standard feature of web browsers, too. Ask yourself: When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad?


    Apple users will no longer see Facebook ads. They also can no longer be re-targeted by Facebook Pixel. To advertisers, this means that their potential reach has been cut by nearly 60% (Apple's mobile market share).

    Local Lead Generation

    Schedule your coaching call today

    It's quite simple.

    It all begins by building a simple website, using a template-based editor such as WordPress, Wix, or Weebly and then...

    1. 1
      You pick a niche, generally a localized, essential, and recession proof service (like roofing, plumbing, tree removal, ect) and build the site around that niche.
    2. 2
      Using SEO techniques, you then rank that website to #1 on Google so that it soaks up the local customer base.
    3. 3
      Once you have customers, you can lease it out for a monthly fee and forward them a Google phone number. I generally charge $500-$2500 a month, depending on their revenue. 

    For instance, this tree service site has been paying me on average of $2000 a month since 2014. They've never missed a payment.

    Your service brings more customers to an already successful local business, but you still own the site. There's no reason for them to stop paying you - and the maintenance on already ranked sites is extremely minimal.

    It provides truly passive income - and you're supporting local businesses in the process.

    Start up costs?

    About $30 a month (for the website hosting and Google phone number).

    Below is one of the first sites I ever made, which I created in 2016. They have been paying me $850 a month ever since! 


    Skilled labor businesses are often wary of digital marketing. To win over their trust, I typically forward them leads for free while I'm ranking the site and will continue to do so for as long as I see fit. I also add a pre-recorded message, using Google Voice, that says...

    "This client was provided by Ippei Leads, LLC."

    By the time I've made contact, they've already enjoyed a sizable boost in revenue. They're usually more than enthusiastic to meet the mysterious man who's been providing them with new clients.

    The service sells itself.

    However, if the business is not interested - then I just repeat the process aimed at their competition. It's their loss. Of course, this rarely happens.

    Also, the sites are pretty hands off once they're ranked. As long as you're working with a business that provides quality service, you can count on holding the top Google placements for the long haul.

    This allows you to both generate passive income and focus your efforts on scaling your business to the moon.

    I personally enjoy the scaling process and am making over $52,000 a month off of my sites. You can grow your business as big as you want, because more clients and more revenue, does not necessarily mean a higher workload.

    I knew the 9-5 office grind was not for me. Humanity as a whole, I believe, is not meant to be confined to a formalized office environment.

    Lead Generation was the exit plan and it has taken me to places I never thought were possible.

    If you want to stop selling your time for cash.
    If you want to enjoy a life unhinged from the bindings of office purgatory.
    If you want to take life into your own hands and be your own boss.

    Don't let the wave pass you by - and learn more about Lead Generation today. 

    Local Lead Generation

    Passive Income Coaching

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