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ClickMinded Course – Sales Funnel Training Review 2019


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As you know, when managing e-commerce, conversions are king.

Impressions and click throughs are wonderful. But in the end, if nobody buys then your storefront is a failure.

I have taken many courses that were related to making money online, because who doesn’t want to be thier own boss and work from a laptop?

This course was a great addition to what I was already doing to make money passively by generating leads on local search engines. I can say that I now make $50k a month.

In this article, I will be reviewing ClickMinded’s course and compare what the differences are. I will weigh the pros and cons of this strategy vs. other methods of making money online, including business lead generation.

What is ClickMinded?

ClickMinded is a comprehensive training program entirely focused on conversion methods.

That means all other digital strategies, as great as they are, are not taught here.

This is for those launching ecommerce sites or maintaining ecommerce sites. The goal of ClickMinded is to help those entrepreneurs and digital marketers get the conversions that drive their business.  

To achieve this, a digital marketer must undergo intensive sales funnel training.

Sales Funnel Training Summary

Sales funnels can be complex and diverse. Which is why a digital marketer can find himself jumping from one theory and method to the next.

ClickMinded has sought out and organized only the best proven approaches to sales funnel development.

The key term is organized. You get all the information you need to construct your sales funnels in a variety of ways to fit your ecom model.

There is no one perfect method. Rather, you get the cream of the sales funnel crop from one training portal.

Here are just a few of the methodologies you will learn:

·         In-bound SEO training for search conversions

·         Digital ad campaigns designed around direct response

·         Building content calendars that tap every level of the sales funnel

·         Building customer loyalty with email marketing tactics

·         Social media strategies for driving targeted audience conversions

·         Understanding your Google Analytics for optimization

Essentially ClickMinded gives a powerful arsenal of digital marketing tools that let you conquer pretty much any conversion issue you might be facing.

For example, you might be seeing that you are getting zero traffic unless you advertise. Those ad spends are eating into your budget.

Driving your rank on Google with better SEO practices is just one of the ways you can boost your site performance and increase sales with less ad spend.

And what about those ads you launch. Is your ROI up to par? ClickMinded offers a training module that walks you through best practices for digital ad development.

Learn the basics of copy and graphics. See how A/B testing is your divining rod to sales. They even show you how to build your ad spend budget properly so you are actually earning on deployment.

The lasting value of ClickMinded is that you gain access to a giant library of continued training. 

That means after you are done with their courses, you can always go back and keep learning.

Revitalize your content strategy. Establish more effective email nurture campaigns for lead generation. Enhance your social platforms. Learn as you go.The best part is that every module is focused on getting those valuable clicks that lead to buying.

You may be surprised at how robust your site performs after this education.

If more sales and more traffic is your goal, then conversion training is critical. 

While ClickMinded’s Course Taught Me A Lot, This is Where I Found Real Success…

It’s actually quite simple.

Marketing is a large obstacle small businesses have trouble overcoming.

Luckily for them, there are people like us.

It takes as little as making a website and ranking it on a search engine’s results to start getting them calls from clients they need.

So how does this technique compare to the one I reviewed in the beginning?

Cons of Digital Marketing

  • It will take a lot of your time
  • Sale funneling is a very linear concept
  • Inconsistent income
  • Easy to hurt reputation

Why I’m Very Happy With Business Lead Gen

  • No upkeep once the website is established (Passive income!)
  • Complete control over your websites
  • Large community to help you out
  • Consistent and reliable monthly income

This limousine service is very satisfied with what I’ve put together for them:

My website gets them several profitable deals, so they reimburse me for my efforts.

And once everything is set up and your website is making money, you can forget about maintenance. 

A true passive income.

Don’t forget you own these sites as well, so you manage every aspect of the site, from the phone number to the business the site’s associated with.

I own about 80 websites that are all generating me passive income. This one is for a tree care service:

This company pays me $2k a month for a website I don’t even touch. It just sits there getting them leads.

I wasn’t alone when I started and neither will you be.

We’ve got a huge community of people who are generating leads for businesses. Experienced and just starting out alike.

They’ll be there to guide you anytime you’ve got a problem and can’t seem to find a solution.

Here is someone who is already off to an amazing start:

These are all people who have taken this very same course. 

Why not make your wallet fat and happy from passive income? There really isn’t a single good reason NOT to get started.


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