​​​​Shopify Drop Shipping Crash Course Review 2019 – Thaddeus Strickland, Legit?

This is a course that is influenced by a 19 year old who made over $72,000 in 3 months.

All because of drop shipping.

The main issue being tackled is learning automating, scaling, growing and generating massive sales by using shopify to drop ship.

It is said that one can learn from their very own mistakes but one can also learn from other people’s mistakes.

Thaddeus Strickland

  • Thaddeus started his journey to entrepreneurship at the age of 15.
  • He went through several trials and tribulations like dropping out of college.
  • Where he also lost $10,000 on a private label project.
  • Becoming a well-known E-commerce drop shipper.
  • Strickland used the power of social media to generate large traffic and tremendous sales.
  • Owning his own businesses in software, consulting, SAAS and a few others.
  • Believes that there isn’t any age limit in accomplishing your dreams.
  • According to him, no room should ever be left for doubt.
  • One should pick a target and make sure that all is done in order to achieve it.

Shopify Drop Shipping Crash Course

  • Here you learn how to;
  • Use the aspect that is most visually appealing to set up your shopify store in order to catch the attention of your audience.
  • How to find your niche that is competitive so as to sell trending and products that are top gross.
  • Promotional strategies that are the best and that bring a massive volume to retaining all of your customers and increasing order value.
  • Editing catalogs, descriptions and pictures of products to bring about more professionalism and also increasing the conversion rates.
  • Getting to reduce cart abandonment by using apps and widgets which also aid in building email lists, purchasing ease and increasing order value.
  • The most suitable product life cycle that you can capitalize on selling the best products and trends while making sure there is a steady growth in revenue and no dropping of sales.
  • Automating your site so you don’t need to work each and every time
  • Having virtual assistants.
  • Driving traffic to your site from social media via taking part in instagram.
  • Shout outs that are influential and advertisements.
  • Creating an instagram funnel that converts to your site.
  • Looking for trends and capitalizing on them.
  • Creating a life cycle for a product that ensures steady and continuous revenue every now and then.
  • Independence on individual trends.
  • Keeping margins high by knowing which price products to sell.
  • Competition that gets you higher in the market.
  • Having a 900% ROI by advertising captions structurally and right influencers for pictures.
  • Getting you from a scale of $100 a day to $2000 in a month.
  • How to generate $2000 in a day from day one.
  • If you are not constantly pushing yourself and seeing what works then you aren’t moving fast enough.
  • This course offers that and more.

Dropshipping To Replace A 9-5? Why I Think Lead Gen Might Be Better

A way of making money online that has become popular within the last few years is dropshipping.

Many people have succeeded in becoming financially free from having to ever work a 9-5 ever again and the best part is that they can work on it right from home.

There are some more really good perks about dropshipping as well

  • You can get traffic today thanks to ads on Facebook and Instagram that target your specific market.
  • Dealing with the product itself is a thing of the past, the supplier takes care of inventory and shipping for you.
  • The financial risk is minimal because you only have to buy 1 product at time.

There are some downsides with this business model though and I think it’s important you are aware of them.

  • Profit margins are slim.
  • Competition is fierce because anyone can set up a shopify store or dropshipping website.
  • People on Instagram and Facebook are looking to be entertained, not sold to. Constantly advertising to them can make them annoyed.
  • When you ask the right questions you’ll find that the best dropshippers only have a 1 out 10 product success rate.
  • Products tend to have a 3 month shelf life before they go out of style which means you always have to be on the lookout for the next best thing.

Why do I think lead gen is a better option?

With lead gen our profit margins are nearly 100%.

Even if you decide to outsource everything, you will make that back with in the first month or two with a client and be able to pocket almost everything else.

The reason our margins are so high is because we don’t have to pay much to keep a site at the top once it’s there.

Competition is also much lower than that of dropshipping.

Because the product you’re selling is “hot” likely everyone else has picked up on that as well which means you are competing with all of them.

This will prove difficult because you will have to be ranking for global keywords such as the product name.

With lead generation we like to work at the local level because competition is practically non-existent.

The most I’ve ever come across is 15 and I was still able to rank in 3 months.

Another reason why lead generation is a better option is that we are actually helping people.

We rank for buyer intent keywords which means they are already sold on the service, they just need to find the best person to do the job.

Because we only work with the best businesses we help the person get the best service, and we help the business owner make more money.

We also take a little sliver to deliver. It’s a win-win-win.

It’s also more passive because once a site is ranked it will work for us year after year, like this one from 2014.

The same product won’t be able to make you money with dropshipping year after year.

Are you ready to start your lead generation journey? Click here for more information on the lead gen coaching program that changed my life on a massive scale!

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