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Lucas Jackson – Shopify Mastery 2.0


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If you’ve tried drop-shipping as a side hustle you probably know it is not as easy as it looks.

 Every drop-shipper course seems to boast big earnings, but never pays off.

What’s missing from most of these drop ship plans is a proven formula that just didn’t work once.

A great drop ship plan must work all the time to earn revenue. A truly effective sales funnel management program is what’s needed to make drop shipping a success.

That’s where Lucas Jackson comes in.

While, Lucas’s course helped, his approach wasn’t the only one that I’ve used to achieve success.

By combining his method with Shopify with marketing leads to businesses online, I was able to reach an income of about $50k a month.

In this article I will be reviewing Lucas’s “Shopify Mastery 2.0” and compare it with business lead generation.

Who is Lucas Jackson?

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Lucas Jackson is a drop-ship pioneer. His sales funnel strategy continues to generate consistent income for Lucas and his mentees who have applied his principles.

Lucas shares how his specific methods are distinct from any in the industry. He shows how they work in his Shopify Mastery course.


Shopify Mastery 2.0 Summary

Lucas does more than give you a few pointers. He offers a comprehensive blueprint of the whole drop ship process.

The difference with Lucas’ plan is that it is constructed around his sales funnel strategy. Every aspect of the program is designed to drive sales.

From the launch of your Shopify page to laser precise ad campaigns, Lucas walks you through the steps to success:

·         Building a Shopify page that engages new audiences right away

·         Researching online products so you find the ones ready to peak in sales

·         Establishing strong vendor relations before you start

·         Utilizing Facebook most effectively to target key audiences

·         Automating the process so you can start on new drop ship channels

Lucas gets to the basics of what drives sales in the drop shipping business then leverages those fundamental features through his sales funnels.

With his advanced techniques you will be able to analyze competitors and pivot to match or lower price.

Lucas will teach you how to expand audiences beyond your initial target list on social using tools built into Facebook.

He also takes a deep dive into digital advertising beyond social. He gives you a crash course in SEM and digital ad buys. This includes getting the best ad spend for your returns.

Lucas also reveals the industry secrets of vendor negotiations. With the right tactics, you can save money on product sales.

That’s another aspect of Lucas’s program that is distinctive. His course shows you how to achieve strong conversions and ROI with limited resources.

 It is one of the most highly cost-efficient drop shipping training courses available.

Lucas shows you the hacks that many of the best drop shippers use to save money while increasing revenue.

If you are a veteran drop shipper who needs a new way to boost sales, then Lucas delivers a streamlined approach to earning money faster and easier.

If you are a beginner looking to enter into the dropship business, then Lucas gets you on the ground floor to learn the essentials of the industry.

For every level of drop ship entrepreneur, Lucas gives you a simply better way to run your business. 

No theory. All proven tactics that help you get closer to earning a steady and optimized revenue stream.

While Lucas’s Course Helped Me Achieve a Lot, This Allowed Me To Reach Beyond That…

Before elaborating on business lead generation, I will compare it with Shopify dropshipping:

Dropshipping Cons

  • Large, worldwide competition can lead to stagnation or decrease in sales
  • Small margins
  • Little control over prices of your products
  • Fees

Why I Love The Business Lead Gen Model

  • Help local businesses grow
  • Large profit margins
  • Complete control over your digital domains
  • Little to no upkeep

The process works like this…

There are companies that are having trouble finding clients to make the deals they need to survive.

To fix this issue, they get people like us that have a website that can generate leads for them.

To get the most leads possible the website needs to be in a top position on a search engine’s results page. Obviously, it won’t get much attention if it isn’t even on the first page.

To give an example, I’ve got this website for a limo service:

The place on the results page is what makes your website so valuable to companies.

It’ll take some time to reach that point, but once it’s there, it’ll require little to no maintenance. It’ll just sit there and forward leads to the company.

Basically, it becomes a source of passive income.

Another important thing to know, is that the website is owned completly by you. So, you won’t need to start over if a company thinks they don’t need you anymore.

Just send those leads to someone who’ll pay you.

Here is a tree care website I set up that is still making me money after four years:

I get $2000 a month for that website alone!

Also, don’t worry about getting lost when you’re first starting.

We’ve got a huge community filled with people who are kind enough to answer any questions you have about any situation.

They’ve helped me grow and they’ll do the same for you.

Here is a person who is already reaching his goals:

To start, this business lead gen coaching program will prove to be the perfect first step.

It’s what brought us to these heights and it’ll do the same for you!


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