When it comes to generating passive income, there is really no better option than Lead Generation in 2021. It meets all of our core standards by which we define what makes a business model great. Unlimited scalability, high barrier of entry, passive income, high market demand, low overhead, and versatility. You build websites, rank them to #1 on Google's local listings, and then rent them out to local businesses. It's a simple model that works (and you get to help out local, essential businesses, too! Click here to learn more. 


The majority of the world is doing their shopping through Amazon. By sourcing niche products and selling them through their platform, you can forgo the tedious work of inventory & shipping (it's all managed by Amazon's FBA warehouses). The tough part is finding the right product, a reliable supplier, and having the cash to make bulk purchases. There's also a ton of competition, but if you can find the right niche, the rewards can be huge.


Blogs offer an incredible opportunity for those with expertise (in a niche subject) to make a real living by sharing their skills and ideas. You start by making a website, building a community, and then selling your knowledge (and related products). This website, for instance, generates money while I sleep, but it takes time to rank and the effort required can be massive. It's takes passion, focus, and expertise, because blogging is no get rich quick scheme. It can, however, be profitable in the long run and extremely rewarding. Looking for the best cleaning services minneapolis, check them out!


Every business has a Facebook and Instagram, but few small biz owners know how effectively market on the platforms. By becoming a digital marketing expert, you can create your own agency to manage social accounts and develop ad campaigns for small businesses. The competition is steep and dealing with Facebook can offer some real headaches, but if you already have a marketing background, this could be the business model for you!

what we do

Passion For Passive Income

The vast majority of 9-5 jobs are structured around trading your time for cash. The key, however, to
long term wealth resides in the acquisition of assets that generate passive income. 

  • Lead Generation focuses on the building and development of digital real restate (local websites).
  • These sites are aimed at local businesses; typically contract or skilled labor type work.
  • Very low maintenance is required once you have ranked a site and found a client.
  • This means you get to sit back and enjoy the freedom that only passive income can afford.

Why we do it

Helping Local Business

The world is massively dependent on skilled and essential labor. Our society, simply put, could not function without them. These independent businesses are often started by resourceful, hardworking, and highly skilled individuals who had entrepreneurial dreams and the discipline to see it through. The goal of Lead Generation is to elevate the platform of local businesses and bring them the increase in revenue that their skill and expertise deserve.


A Business Model That Works

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