Search engine optimization (SEO) is all the rage right now - and those who actually understand it can serve as an incredible asset for any business with a web presence. To even have a moderate understanding can, down the line, result in big paychecks and massive gains in revenue.

So what exactly is SEO? Well, we'll explore it in detail later in this article, but essentially you are using various techniques to optimize a website in ways that will cause it to rank on Google. You have to think of those top Google search results as prime real estate. To have a lot of ranking power equates to money in your pocket.

While most SEO experts contract their skills to bigger companies, a small few build their own websites, rank them, and then license them out to businesses. Think of it as buying land, building a house, and then renting it out. The end goal is passive income - and the ability to repeat the process over and over; to scale the business to the moon.

I've been involved in affiliate marketing and have run a Facebook advertising agency for close to 8 years now, but nothing has been as profitable as building websites and licensing them out to local businesses. The business model is called Lead Generation - and it's netting me over $52k a month in passive income. If you're interested in learning more, check out the link below. That being said, I've taken many different courses on SEO to get where I'm at and I can definitely give you some insight on which ones I think are the best. Got a ton of information to cover here, so stick with me and keep reading!

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These experts are so few in number that they’re in huge demand right now.

Businesses are scrambling to find someone who can help them with their SEO issues.

Are you beginning to see the opportunity here?

When I was looking for an opportunity to profit from doing work online, I was explicitly trying to figure out how I can use a method of SEO to expand my income without having a second job.

Search Engine Optimization has a caliber of skill that — if leveraged right — can increase the amount of business a company brings in.

When I was working a 9 to 5 corporate gig in downtown Detroit, I knew that I didn’t want to keep walking to work in the breezy, cold winter mornings just to make a lousy $35k every single year…

The least the company could have done was buy me a car — even a beater — so I didn’t have to deal with the wind gusts blowing through my thin business suit with a red-striped tie and making my legs so cold, stiff, and numb that it hurt to sit at my desk all day long.

Luckily, I was surfing the internet after work on my small apartment’s couch and found this coaching program that taught local lead generation with free traffic — and used the same principles as Search Engine Optimization!

If you simply devote a little bit of time towards learning about SEO, you can make heaps of cash.

The concept is simple: When you know how to do something that no one else can, people will pay you extremely well.

But how do you become an SEO expert?

Luckily, there are tons of courses out there that’ll take you from being a complete newbie to an SEO guru.

Most of the time, it won’t even take you that long to learn the ropes.

Better yet, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

These courses take less time to complete than a university degree, and they’re much cheaper.

Most of the time, they actually end up being more useful. What’s not to love?

But hey, not all SEO courses are created equal.

There are some you should probably stay away from, no matter how good they might seem.

Others are reputable, useful courses taught by the pros. We’re about to reveal the best ones out there right now.

Most of these courses are for beginners. Don’t feel too hesitant, even if you’re the least technical person on Earth.

These SEO courses will teach you everything you need to know, right from the extremely basic concepts.

When you’re finished, you’ll feel confident about your new skills.

And you’ll have an extremely lucrative level of expertise under your belt!

Oh, and speaking of lucrative…

Thanks to the help of a mentor thru that coaching program, I was able to quit my job in one year’s time and rake in a hefty $10k per month.

After discussing more about these SEO programs, I’ll tell you how you can learn to do the same thing…

Let’s get started with our countdown of Search Engine Optimization training programs on the market these days…

Number 6: Clickminded

If you’re looking for a self-guided course that’s perfect for beginners, look no further than Clickminded.

This course will cost you $487 dollars, and that includes over 66 lectures and five hours of educational content.

This course has some of the best reviews out there.

Almost 3,000 students are currently enrolled, and most of them only have good things to say about Clickminded.

It’s taught by the same guy who managed SEO for AirBnB, which is a massive company.

You’ll get a certification of completion at the end, and the course is compatible with all devices that allow for access to the internet.

Number 5: Market Motive’s Advanced SEO Certification Program

This advanced SEO course is just what you need to excel in your industry. At the cost of $299 per month, you’ll get access to tons of features.

It’s self-paced, but it usually only takes 25-35 hours to complete.

Participate in streaming video lessons, download workbooks and exercises, and take online quizzes.

There’s also weekly webinars to learn from, as well as a very active forum.

To top it all off, the course is taught by one of the top names in the business, Todd Malicoat.

Number 4: Search Engine College

The Search Engine Marketing Course by Search Engine College is a great option if you just want to dive straight in.

With a subscription fee of only $99, it’s one of the cheapest options out there.

Although you can learn a lot by just paying the subscription fee, you need to pay $295 to actually become officially certified.

You can access your course materials forever, as long as you keep paying the monthly fee.

And if you’re really having trouble, Search Engine College will provide you with tutors.

However, these tutors are rather different than hiring a coach or mentor in the digital marketing space.

I remember my time in college where tutors were paid to wait and take a lot of time to answer simple questions —

I’m sure they’re good, but it wasn’t until I found Dan — the founder of this lead gen coaching program that taught how to use free traffic to build an empire of passive income

It’s still based on SEO principles, but it takes people out of the hourly or salary mindset and everyday people like you and me into the driver seat of our own destiny by guiding us into entrepreneurship and being our own form of a business owner!

What better way to learn SEO than how to leverage the skill to become rich with financial and time freedom; my vote is for a coaching program!

Number 3: SEO Training Course By Moz

If you want to test the waters of SEO before jumping in, Moz has a great SEO course.

There are no requirements for joining this course, and they’ll train you from the ground up.

After you’ve completed this course, you’ll truly understand the basics of SEO.

And the best part? It’s free.

That means that this course can be your stepping stone into the world wide web and a new high-income skill talent of manipulating search results through Search Engine Optimization online.

Over 35,000 students are currently taking advantage of this free course, and you should too.

And the students who graduate give this course incredibly good reviews.

It’s accessible on all devices, and you’ll even get a certificate of completion when you’re finished.

This one really is a no-brainer.

Number 2: SEO Marketing Institute’s SEO Certification Program

With this course, you can choose either to buy it outright for $859 or pay a monthly fee of $67.

After you enroll, you can take up to 6 months to learn the course content and prepare for your certification.

You’ll enjoy up to 11 classes, which can last up to an hour.

After you complete the course, you have the opportunity to take the SEO Certification Exam and get certified the SEO professional that you’ve been training to become.

This course is actually quite advanced in its later stages, so it’s a good option if you want to build on pre-existing SEO knowledge.


As you can see, there are tons of options out there for anyone who wants to become an SEO expert.

The main thing to remember is that it’s not as hard as it sounds. But you’ll find that out soon enough after you take any of the courses we’ve mentioned here!

Some of these courses are more advanced than others, and some are more expensive.

But at the end of the day, at least one of these courses should appeal to you. One of the courses we mentioned is even free!

That means you have no excuses.

If SEO is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to jump right in.

You won’t regret it.

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