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Course review - key points


Relying mostly on video tutorials. Tai's new course will teach you to create your own digital marketing agency within 4 months.


$497 (one time payment) or $197 for 3-monthly payments.


Tons of content, highly motivating, lots of personality from Tai and other instructors. Lifetime access is great, too.


Outdated and poorly organized. Completion takes 4 months. Business model is no longer relevant in 2021 (read more to find out why). 


If you love Facebook and spammy advertising, then this course is might just be for you.



1. Before You Say "I DO"...

Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 (SMMA 3.0) lays the foundation for a successful marriage between the entrepreneur and his/her attempt at a lucrative social media marketing agency.

Do you have what it takes to make the heavy-duty commitment required to create a $1k to $10k agency? 

Let's check it out, shall we?

1. Before You Say "I DO"...

2. A Little About Me

3. Who Created SSMA 3.0?

4. What Makes Tai the "Best Man"?

5. Is SMMA 3.0 Marriage Material?  

6. Scam or Legit? Before You Enter Into SMMA 3.0... 

7. How Much Does SMMA 3.0 Cost?

8. Extra Extra - SMMA 3.0 Perks

9. Ready to Make it Social Media/Facebook Official?

Pros & Cons of Tai's SMMA

SMMA 3.0 Works, but Lead Gen is Better, Here's Why

2. A Little About Me

I became engaged as full-time internet entrepreneur in 2014.  I have tied-the-knot with several 6-figure businesses including Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping, and Affiliate Marketing.  

MoneyKing's #1 Pick

Inside look of how 6300 students are learning to earn passive income online by ranking simple websites that generate leads for small businesses.

Yes Show Me More!

I'm in love with making money (who isn't, right?) and I'm head-over-heels about making it online.  

You see,  I have taken the plunge on numerous online money-making courses, so I feel more than qualified to give a fair and honest review on the Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 (SMMA 3.0) course by Tai Lopez.

Kind of like I was conducting your due diligence before you say "I do" so you won't end up with an "I don't"!   You know, taking the course on a date to get all of the scoop.     

I vow to help you from being taken-to-the-cleaners by a crappy course, so feel free to hop on over to my page and check out my other reviews of online money-making courses.

**DISCLAIMER - I am not affiliated in any way with Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 course.  I freely share my knowledge, via reviews, on making money online with no input nor payment from outside sources.**

My Walk Down-the-Aisle of Internet Businesses

  • Amazon FBA - 15K per month (between 3 brands)  
  • Shopify Dropshipping - up to 10K per month profit
  • Affiliate Marketing - up to 3K per month
  • Digital Marketing & Lead Generation - 50K per month profit

3. Who Created SSMA 3.0?

Introducing Tai Lopez

 Social Media marketing agency course


Tai Lopez, it seems, was born to make money! 

You might even say he is fully committed to making it rain green!

2020 finds Tai at 43 years old with a net worth of $60M.  How did he do THAT?

It's wasn't always wedding bells and happy-wife/happy-life for Tai.    

Tai started with humble beginnings, helping his mother sell tomatoes when he was just six years old.  

That experience propelled Tai to find other ways to make money, including lemonade stands, brick-and-mortar businesses, and ultimately hooking up with online services.  

Tai found true love in reading.  He became a voracious reader - he is rumored to read a book a day to this day.  

His garage is lined with bookshelves FULL of books!  

Who has a library in their garage?, Besides Tai, of course?  


At one point, Tai traveled the world to physically visit the countries he had already mentally travelled to in the countless books he devoured.  

Sadly, after about a year, his lack of money sent him packing like a red-headed home-wrecker.  

He returned to his birthplace of California, where he camped out on a hide-a-bed couch in his mom's trailer.    

However, Tai proved he was not one to stay down long.  

With a measly $47 to his name, he knocked on the door of a financial guru in his town, after finding his name in the yellow pages. 

Who even remembers actual printed phone books?  

He wanted to learn the money world so badly that he offered to work for free if only the man would teach him everything he knew.  

Talk about a match made in heaven - Tai's ambition and drive paid off big time!


Now, having a sound financial knowledge-base, Tai moved on to bigger and better things.  

His laundry-list of accomplishments include a nightclub and several sketchy dating sites.  

Seems he wasn't married to those ideas and moved on to leveraging the web to make real money.  

Tai gave birth to in 2001 in Beverly Hills.

He catapulted to fame and fortune by masterminding a mentorship program that honed in on how to enhance ones own life - how to achieve the "Good Life".

  • Health  
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Higher Power
What is the #1 thing you should focus on to achieve The Good Life?

"Wisdom is having common sense and unfortunately for society... common sense isn't so common anymore. If you focus on getting wisdom you will know how to achieve the good life. We should all be seeking more wisdom." 

~ Tai Lopez

Is Tai Lopez legit or is he a scam - Is he making more money from creating courses like SMMA 3.0 rather than doing the work to create a social media marketing agency? 

Do his courses work?  Are you locked in once you say "I DO"? 

He is the self-proclaimed "most hated man" on social media.  Not everyone loves him as much as he loves himself, apparently.  

 Regardless, his success speaks volumes, no matter how he achieved it.  


In addition to Tai's internet successes, he is also an advisor and/or partner to more than 20 multi-million dollar companies.  

Tai has connected with TEDx talks, appeared on various television and radio shows, been named as a top business influencer by Forbes Magazine.  

He does not stop there.  Kind of seems like Tai is ALL in on this money and fame marriage, right?  

He has been a guest-speaker at prestigious universities such as The University of Southern California (he is a Cali guy, after all!) and the London Business School.  

4. What Makes Tai the "Best Man"?

After nearly 20 years of remaining in a committed relationship with the internet, Tai has amassed a huge fan following:

  • Facebook - 6 million followers
  • Instagram - 2.9 million followers
  • Twitter - 1.2 million followers
  • YouTube - 1.32 million subscribers and 146 videos
  • SnapChat - 1 million followers
  • LinkedIn - 750K followers


Tai's Snapchat page takes you on a daily journey with first hand accounts of his lavish lifestyle.

By following him, you'll be privy to his collection of expensive sports cars, women (so much for commitment and marriage - although he is rumored to have a long-time girlfriend), personal chefs, and numerous encounters by Hollywood elite and pro-athletes.  


Tai Lopez hangin' with Rihanna...


Tai Lopez hammin' it up with Arnold Schwarzenegger...


I  find him to be somewhat braggadocios; several videos were filmed while on a private jet, talking about his multiple Lamborghinis and other high-end cars, name-dropping, and listing exotic places he was headed to, or talks he is going going to give.  

Tai Lopez on a private jet bound for one of his many talks and appearances...


Tai Lopez with a few of his many high-end sports cars in front of his mansion...


However, I do have to give credit where credit is due - the man did pull himself from the depths of poverty to develop long-term relationships with money and Lamborginis.  

That takes moxie.   


His insanely huge following are those who are ready and willing to tie-the-knot with Tai and his experience to attain his level of success.

However, many feel Tai's courses are over-priced - the juice is not worth the squeeze.  

In order to give back to his fans/students, Tai does numerous giveaways on his social media accounts that include cars, money, books, computers and much more.   

The guy loves to share the love! 

Let's go check out Tai's SMMA 3.0 to see if is the perfect hook up for you to smash goals and kick ass in the money-making arena that is social media marketing.

5. Is SMMA 3.0 Marriage Material?  

In a nutshell, SMMA 3.0 is a course designed to introduce a blushing bride to her money-machine husband.   

In other words, Tai's course is designed to take a new social media user on a journey to create a lucrative 6-figure social media marketing agency.

Tai says all of this should happen in as little as 18 months, with the first 4 months used to learn the course materials.

Sounds simple, right?  


If it were truly that simple and easy, everyone would be doing it!  

The introduction with video #1, has Tai saying the average time to start seeing results is 4 months. 

Speaking of the #1 video, Tai gives it to you "free" on his SMMA 3.0 website.  If you pay attention, though, you will see that it is really the intro video from 2.0.  

Talk about cause for divorce!  He is going to charge you more for 3.0, but give you outdated and obsolete training.

Perfect time to REVOLUTIONIZE your life!  Just sign on the dotted line...  

But, is it that easy?  C'mon now!  This just might be a good thing - read on!

Having a barrier to entry is a good thing, you know. 

We need to keep the non-committals, the I-want-it-but-not-bad-enough-to-do-the-work-for-its, over there in the corner doing their own thing!   

Keep reading if you want to know if Tai Lopez's SMMA 3.0 is right for you.  


Do YOU have what it takes to succeed in Social Media Marketing?

After going through countless hours of information on the SMMA course, I can tell you a few "I DO" moments of my SMMA 3.0 review:

  • SMMA 3.0 is NOT a get-rick-quick type of program
  • It will take 4 months to complete SMMA 3.0 at Tai's pace
  • The time commitment required is very marriage-like
  • The SMMA 3.0 course is not for everybody
  • SMMA 3.0 is comprehensive with ammo needed to hit your target

What's makes 3.0 Different?

SMMA 3.0 is an upgrade from the 1.0 and 2.0 versions to include modules on lessons learned from students and instructors.  

Tai and instructors drop NINJA BONUS TIPS to elevate your game to the level with ninja-like precision.


Take notes. 

 Stay focused.

 Answer the questions and homework at the end of each section.  


The course lay-out was clunky and out-of-order. 

Due diligence is mandatory in finding the perfect niche for your social media marketing agency.  

Although the main objective of being hired by a company is to bring them business, maintaining multiple social media sites for several customers may be very time-consuming and more difficult to scale without additional help.

Tai recommends 5 or 6 customers that pay between $1000 - $5000 per month.  

Now, I can fall in love with that kind of income!  

Maintaining the recommended level of customers will get you to that 6-figure income. 

But, scaling beyond that will take additional work and manpower.

Not to worry though, Tai and his team give you lots of info on how to scale, when to scale, and how to hire help.  

Without scaling, your agency will tap out at about $10K per month.

It seems like a lot of the info thrown at you in the beginning of the course is out of place and not required until much later. 

Talk about creating confusion in a shotgun wedding kind-of-way.

I felt overwhelmed and overloaded. 

You can always go back to it when the time is right, because you know, life-time access.

I do like the handouts after some of the sections so you can easily go back and review information without having to rewatch the entire video.

However, not every section had them so there goes that lovin' feeling.

I found some of the information such as website links were outdated or irrelevant.

The beginning videos were for more advanced users as they introduced sales pitches and phone scripts before even teaching me how to establish an agency.  

It didn't take long to get out of the honeymoon phase, right?  

Tai says that mastering the SMMA 3.0 course will help you to "create a life and a lifestyle".  

I am not sure how that will be possible with such an active work life.  

I am used to a more passive income from lead generation, and a much better work/life balance.  

Lead generation is the ultimate fairy-tale wedding, honeymoon, and marriage - an all-in-one beautifully wrapped gift.

6. Scam or Legit? Before You Enter Into SMMA 3.0... 


Tai Lopez is considered by many to be a scamming con-artist based on  his numerous attempts to pass off unreliable and difficult marketing techniques, as well as his propensity to mislead his students.  

Although, Tai does drop some legit marketing nuggets of advice, and his courses do have some benefit, many feel the courses are priced out of reach for someone with minimal resources.

Perhaps he just forgot how broke he was when he started.  Remember, $47 to his name.

You also do not get 100% Tai Lopez - many of the materials are presented by former students, those with some level of success with social media marketing.

I see some added benefits of having various teachers, however it could be a let down if you expected all Tai, all the time.


IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

"Earnings and income representations made by Tai Lopez,, 67 Steps, 67 Steps upsells, Traveling CEO, Real Estate Investing, Social Media Marketing Agency, and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Tai Lopez Programs") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. The success of Tai Lopez, testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying the Tai Lopez Programs, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors."

7. How Much Does SMMA 3.0 Cost?

The cost of SMMA 3.0 is $997 one-time fee for lifetime access to the course, among other perks.

There is also another option for $397 for 3 months.

As of this review, I was unable to find any discounts.  

Refunds are not issued for any reason.  



A lot of the information was outdated - circa 2016 & 2017

Be sure to test all links before adding to your notes.

This version of SMMA is 3.0, so all of SMMA 1.0 and 2.0, just with a few new videos.  

Technology and social media morphs at a rapid speed, making it difficult for training courses on the subject to stay relevant.  

Before heading to the alter, make sure you are ready to settle down.  


8. Extra Extra - SMMA 3.0 Perks

In addition to the handouts mentioned earlier, the SMMA 3.0 course has lots of other perks that go hand-in-hand with a successful agency -


  • Live Weekly Video Calls 
  • Digest of Past Live Weekly Video Calls
  • Exclusive Access to the Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 Facebook Group 
  • Acquiring Customers and Scaling Your Agency
  • Building a Successful Podcast
  • How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program
  • How to Build an Audience from Scratch
  • And many others


9. Ready to Make it Social Media/Facebook Official?

(Social Proof For Tai's SMMA 3.0)

Here's a positive review on Tai and SMMA on his Facebook page:


This Quora user seems to have very strong opinions going both ways when it comes to Tai...


This Reddit poster hates Tai to the extreme but does admit they have a similar product for sale...


Another Quora user that is on both sides of the fence...


This is another Quora user that is just not feelin' the love for Tai....


Pros & Cons of Tai's SMMA

The Good & Bad of Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0


  • Comprehensive - covers a lot of material
  • Variety of Instructors - Experts in Their Fields
  • Handouts on Some Modules
  • Live Weekly Calls and Active Private Facebook Group


  • Outdated Materials, Irrelevant Content, and Unorganized Topics
  • Lots of Work to Maintain Social Media Sites for Multiple Clients
  • Not a Good Work/Life Balance
  • Initial 4 Months Training Investment Before Seeking Clients

Final Words on SMMA 3.0 by Tai Lopez

Is it a marriage made-in-heaven or are will you be destined for a divorce after reviewing Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0? 

Overall, the course is comprehensive and covers a wide variety of topics.

After 4 months of training, you will have a long honey-do list to tackle if you want the marriage to last.

It is not a get-rick-quick type of arrangement, so be prepared for lots of hard work - not only to establish your agency but to maintain it, as well. 

Like any successful marriage, you will have to work for it.


You may also experience the 7-year-itch long before 7 years pass by.

Scaling up your business will require building new relationships as you grow your agency "family".  

I feel that it's possible to keep that lovin' feeling, however, while having a lot less growing pains.

Lead generation is my #1 choice when it comes to creating that fairy-tale-wedding-of-her-dreams type of business!


There are tens of millions of ad accounts - and more independent FB ad agencies are popping up every day, all of whom are fighting for the same attention. In 2021, getting your advertisements seen is a matter of outspending your competition.


Ad prices have doubled in price over the last year. When you factor in ad development, split testing, and monitoring, a single ad campaign can easily cost thousands of dollars.


Effective ads are easily copied - and Facebook has little to no protection against plagiarism.


The key to long term wealth is in building and owning valuable assets, but with Facebook advertising, you own nothing. You're bound to the confines of an aging social media platform with an advertising system that is increasingly ineffective.


Facebook is quick to shut down advertising accounts - and their terms of service are ever changing. If 2 people report a single ad (for every 5000 impressions), it is likely your account will be suspended.


Facebook advertising does not provide passive income. You will work for every penny.


Facebook ads have grown increasingly ineffective, especially with Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials. Ad blockers are becoming a standard feature of web browsers, too. Ask yourself: When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad?


Apple users will no longer see Facebook ads. They also can no longer be re-targeted by Facebook Pixel. To advertisers, this means that their potential reach has been cut by nearly 60% (Apple's mobile market share).

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