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Everywhere you turn these days there is someone promising the next ‘rags to riches’ scheme to line your pockets. 

You're probably here 'cause you're checking out what's available in 2021

The Best Question to Ask?

How long do these programs and their guru’s stick around? 

Normally not that long....

As soon as they’ve cashed in on their ‘fad product’ and milked the wantrapreneurs they disappear & you’re left with access to a lot of ok videos, but no support and no like-minded community.

That's what makes Ippei & Dan's program unique. 

Lifting off in 2014, Dan started the community and lead gen lessons, a few months later, Ippei signs up and pretty soon becomes one of the original star students.

Fast forward a couple of years and Dan & Ippei partner up to take the coaching program to the next level.

Below you'll find 10 facts about Ippei and Dan's program (if you really want the juicy deets).

But if you're short on time, here's the jist:

  1. Both Dan & Ippei are ever-present and accessible to students. 
  2. They also genuinely care about helping people change their life for the better - and that includes you too.

Here we are almost 8 years from inception.

Still taking people who hate their soul-sucking jobs and helping them build 6-figure incomes and live life on their own terms.

Here's those juicy details I promised:

10 Reasons to Join Ippei & Dan's Program

1. Community

When people become part of our program, one of the very first things that blows their mind is the incredible sense of community and how welcome they feel. 

Believe me, it’s unlike anything else out there! 

You’ll join one of the most active and supportive communities in the game. 

We are closing in on 7,000 members and hit well over 1000 posts a month in our super-charged Facebook Group. (And that’s just the posts, we are not even counting the dozens of comments on each post, my friend.) 

You’ll make new friends and connections who understand exactly what you’re going through and people will step up to help you problem-solve. No matter what your situation, someone in the group will have been there before too.

Many partnerships have come from connections in the group. Whether it’s a quick project or a strategic partnership, being able to link up with like-minded members is priceless to get on the fast-track to wealth. 

Whether you need some breakthrough advice on your next steps, a technical solution, a dose of confidence from people who’ve been in your exact spot, help boosting your website ranking, or just want to share a win for the day, our members receive dozens of helpful, actionable responses to their posts.

Have a whale of a prospect on the hook and need help getting them over the finish line? No problem, reach out to the group and there are plenty of experienced sales OGs willing to help you net that big monster. 

We have members based all over the world and they all have one thing in common - a true sense of belonging and being part of the LG family. 

In addition, there are 8 years worth of gold dust just sitting at your fingertips. Tap into amazing hacks and strategies with the group’s search function and access hundreds of hours of hot-ticket content.

Perhaps the biggest difference with Dan & Ippei’s program is the emphasis on helping each other. 

This culture has been built from the top down and you can feel it. There are so many experienced members of the group who are jumping on zooms and meetups with new entrepreneurs and sharing their wisdom, experience and encouragement. 

We all know there’s plenty to go around and everyone needs a helping hand, especially at the beginning.

2. Teams

Did you know that less than 15% of people even complete an online course they purchase? Even less actually push through the daily grind to make their dreams a reality.

This is exactly why we designed our Teams Program - to make sure YOU don’t fall through the cracks.

Instead, you’ll be part of a training cohort who keep you on track and taking the right action. 

We know from experience that everyone who follows the exact process makes money. The big difference is how fast they take action and that they stay the course. #MoneyLovesSpeed

You’ll be able to join your small group of peers to share experiences and help keep each other accountable. 

Jump on weekly zooms with your team and use your group chat to keep making progress toward your monthly income goal. 

Our program leadership assigns weekly tasks to keep you moving forward while providing step-by-step guidance to unlock your potential. 

So not only are you getting the great community, but you're also getting "custom-to-you" guidance from an experienced member, who's been in your shoes.

Want to know one of the biggest compliments we hear? 

We routinely hear from people who are pleasantly surprised by how much they can accomplish in a week. The key is being provided the structure to get out of their comfort zone and put the pedal to metal. 

Our Teams Program is a powerful tool to get you making $5,000-$10,000 a month in record time.

3. Learn Core Online Marketing Skills

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Okay, so you’re probably here because you’ve heard about Local Lead Generation. Well, I’ll let you into a not so little secret that people pick up on quickly once they’re in our program.

These skills we teach to build a lead gen biz are the exact same skills that will make you insane amounts of fast cash in other areas of digital marketing (like building out sites and doing SEO for people you already know!)
Here's some of the Core Skills you'll learn from Ippei & Dan's coaching:

Once you start to see business the way we teach it, you’ll see money-making opportunities literally everywhere. 

We have people landing 5-figure SEO and website deals everyday. Others who strike arbitrage deals, start new companies, or end up with a share of someone else’s business. 

When you understand the power of generating leads, your life will never be the same!

Regardless of your situation, you’ll always have the skills to make money.

4. Don’t Need to be a Nerd (Easy-2-Use Site Builder Platform)

We make it easy to get started - even if you have zero technical experience.

Our Easy-2-Use Site Builder Platform will have you creating professional-looking websites in no time. 

We’ve integrated several features to fast-track the ranking process and get a jump start on building your lead gen empire.

We talk a lot about ‘following the process’ and for good reason. 

Every step is laid out for you to follow as you build and rank your own sites alongside the video tutorials. 

There are people from all walks of life who’ve followed the process to build life-changing income. 

We’re talking about people holding down full-time jobs, stay at home moms, to people on the road as truck drivers. Heck, one of our favorite stories is Brooke, who went from being bedridden and unable to work to building her own 6-figure lead gen business.

With fast technical support on hand 24-7, help is only a message away too if you need it.

5. Current Content

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to SEO and how to rank sites. We’ve been doing this for over 8 years and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Everyone’s always looking for some kind of magic formula and worried about the next update from the big G. 

We don’t follow the hype and the fads. 

Instead, we focus on the tried and tested actions that get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

Our training is up to date and even the greenest of newbies find their mind is blown when they see themselves sitting at the top of page 1 for the first time!

Unlike other programs that are ‘one and done,’ we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff everyday. 

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6. 2X per Week Livestreams

Besides the community aspect of the program, our livestreams might be the next most fanatical part of the program by our students!

Every week, come rain or shine, we have 2x HUGE livestream events.

Dan and Ippei host some of the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial content you can find.

Covered Topics:
  • Unorthodox Lead Gen Biz Strategies
  • How to Avoid Fragile Mule Syndrome
  • 7-Figure Prospecting Strategies
  • Email Prospecting Masterclasses
  • Roundtable Q&As
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Easy Prospecting Wins for Fast Money Clients

Our member Q&A sessions are always popular with students hopping on to ask questions and share their wins! 

Another fan fav are our SEO masterclasses where Ippei Kanehara takes real student sites and breaks down the strategies needed to rank in that particular market. Watching this guy in action and being able to ask questions in real time is something else!

Entrepreneurship is a mindset! 

It can also be a lonely journey if you don’t have the right kind of support network around. 

Dan’s infectious energy and ability to elevate your thinking will change how you see yourself and what you believe you’re capable of. 

You’ll be breaking those invisible chains that have kept you stuck for years!

The best part about these livestreams, they are all recorded and accessible to watch in our group anytime. 

There are literally hundreds of them available and each one is a goldmine of game-changing info.

We hear all the time from students all over the world who constantly dig into the vault and find something that changed their journey forever.

7. Integrated Tools

Call Tracking is absolutely essential for lead gen - that is why we built our own custom call tracking platform that functions exactly as we need it to. 

See how many leads each site is getting, listen to call recordings, give clients their own access to monitor their leads. Heck, it can even automate the billing process for you.

We’ve also developed our revolutionary add-on feature that turns contact form leads into red hot phone calls for your clients. As soon as a customer submits their info, your client receives a call that connects them with that customer. Talk about impressively fast timing for a callback! 

One of the biggest questions for a newbie is what to charge for their lead gens. 

No worries - we developed a lead gen calculator where you can drop a few numbers in and get a low, medium, and high-end range of what you should charge your client based on REAL data. 

Get paid what your leads are worth without the stress of guessing games. 

This is just a selection of the tools we arm our students with that set us apart from other programs and courses. 

8. Learn Bonus Skills Like Copywriting

We have access to 2 of the best copywriters in the game! One of them prefers to stay incognito but students can access his training and learn his secrets if they dig deep enough.

Our regular mainstay, Mike M, is an absolute genius when it comes to all things sales, copywriting and cold email. In fact, his Cold2Sold strategies are landing students impressive 5-figure deals. 

When he’s not dropping emails that lands him 6-figures, he can be found dropping bombs of knowledge on our livestreams. 

Mike even took the group through a 3-part masterclass on email and persuasion last year - you can access the replays as a bonus.

9. Done-For-You (In Case You Just Want to Sell)

Some of our students prefer to focus on making money and outsource the technical work.

If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered. 

Our in-house team specialize in providing top-quality Done-For-You Services. 

Need a website built, no problem. Want a 10-pack to scale your lead gen biz, you got it!

How about some super-powered backlinks to rank your sites in record time, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s say you land a high-ticket SEO deal, just order one of our Done-For-You SEO packages at our exclusive discount rate and let us handle all the work while you enjoy the profit, and your time!

The secret to scaling your income is outsourcing the technical work. 

We make it easy for you to focus on money-generating actions and leave all the heavy lifting to us.

10. Live Events

Maybe we’ve saved the best for last...just kidding. But seriously, no one does a live event like Dan, Ippei & the LG family does!

From small regional events and sales schools to the yearly big Kahuna in Las Vegas, you never forget the experience and connection from our live events. 

The yearly event, known as RELOAD, is set for midyear and provides the fuel to skyrocket the second half of your year.

No matter what obstacles are put in front of us, we make these events happen! 

Last year we still held our main live event in Las Vegas but we also included a special bonus 2-day live zoom event called "Sleeping Giants" 2 months before the live event.

Here's what some of Ippei and Dan's students said:

Ippei indulged us in a masterclass of sales techniques with a stellar group of top lead gen and SEO closers.

And if that was enough, Dan and Seth uncovered an entirely new approach to lead gen with their Sleeping Giants education.

These live events are a fantastic platform to learn from other members as they share their own methods. See how they’ve combined new strategies to take their business and income to the next level and apply it yourself.

When we say we GO BIG at events, we mean it. 

Expect to be part of exclusive masterminds, enjoying fine food with folk you’ve watched on a livestream, and striking up new friendships that will last a lifetime. 

And let's not forget, we are in one of the hottest party spots in the world for good reason! 

We take care of business but it’s also a great excuse to let loose once a year with all the community and celebrate everyone’s success.

Local Lead Generation

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