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COURSE REVIEW - Key points


Chance and Abdul teach you how to generate leads for your clients through several paid methods online. Their original mentor, Dan Klein, who has a net worth of over $30 million, taught them how to make thousands of dollars with local lead generation.


Modern Millionaires costs between $5000-$7000


You're taught various prospecting and automation techniques to use in your business


Paid traffic is expensive


You'll learn some new skills for sure, but I don't think it's worth the price tag for some reasons I'll explain below


1. Who are Chance & Abdul?

Chance and Abdul

Chance Welton and Abdul Samad Farooqi are two digital marketers turned course creators. They both met while as students in Dan Klein's local lead generation course back in 2014.

Dan Klein

Dan Klein is the #1 lead generation coach. 

He has a net worth of over $30 million and started the local lead generation coaching program in 2014. He has over 15 years of experience in the world of business and, during the pandemic, made over $30 million dealing PPE for medical facilities.

Abdul is from Vancouver, Canada and worked various financial jobs after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia. 

In 2013, he started his marketing agency, SAMAD CONSULTING INC. dba Lions Digital Solutions, and began generating leads for other businesses.

Check out his interview with Dan Klein.

This is Abdul's testimonial video talking about Dan Klein's mentorship.

When Chance's father passed away, he blew all the insurance policy money on partying and drinking. He was living out of his van with his girlfriend when he spent his last $1,300 to join Dan Klein's local lead generation program.

In 2014, after learning the valuable local lead generation skills, he started his marketing agency, Beachwood Marketing.

Here is Chance's interview with Dan.

Although they both learned valuable lead generation skills that helped them earn a passive income, their focus has been on their big money maker.

Selling their courses.

Starting with The Millionaire Middleman, then adding the “masterclass” of Officeless Agency, and finally a complete rebrand of Millionaire Middleman to Modern Millionaire.

It appears Chance and Abdul may have fallen into less than desirable business practices while in the local lead generation training program and even with their past courses, but in this review, we'll focus on what they teach.

2. What is Modern Millionaires?

Modern Millionaires is an online course that teaches lead generation with paid traffic.

Chance and Abdul teach you about how to build your digital marketing agency, how to prospect, how to generate leads on platforms like Facebook and Google, and how to outsource.

You even get training on how to leverage SEO, how to make money with Kindle Publishing, and how to craft a 7-figure proposal as bonus training. 

3. How do PPC (Pay Per Click) ads Work?

Running PPC ads might seem easy, but looks can be deceiving.

It takes time and money to come up with ad copy that's going to attract your audience. You also need to make sure you choose a good image that will capture your audience's attention. Your calls to action need to be clear and concise, with nothing that appears as spam.

Beyond the creation of your ad, you must split test different ads because your first one might not convert well initially.

If you don't split test, you can put yourself in a predicament where you're spending a lot of money but not getting any results. This is not a position you want to be in.

4. Is PPC Legit or a Scam?

PPC is legit but considered by many to be a scam. Why?

Many who attempt to run ads don't know what they're doing and they end up spending all their money trying to figure it out. When they see no results, they give up.

If you're going to jump into this type of lead generation method, you need to take your time and analyze all aspects of the process.

Once you have everything in order, then you'll be in an excellent position to have high converting ads providing you with a great return on investment. It just takes time, patience, and some initial capital.

Also, keep in mind that each niche and market is different. The way you approach running ads for one niche and market may not be the same way for another niche or market.

Your success with PPC ads comes down to how much effort you put into it.

Here are some benefits of running paid ads...

  1. Get clients quickly
  2. Hyper target your ideal audience
  3. No cold calling necessary
  4. There are several platforms that you can run ads on
  5. Once you find a winning ad, you can scale it to other platforms to generate more leads

5. How much does the Modern Millionaires Coaching Program Cost?

With a price range of anywhere between $5000 - $7000, it's definitely one of the more expensive marketing courses out there.

Pros of Modern Millionaires

6. Training on Landing Pages

Chance and Abdul show you how to build landing pages. If put together correctly, they will help generate more traffic and convert those leads into sales/more clients.

If you don't make your landing pages clear and relevant to what your audience is looking for, then you won't see any conversions. They must have a clear call to action and be mobile responsive.

7. Facebook Group For Support

The Modern Millionaires course has a private Facebook group for support.

Every Wednesday, there is a live coaching call. These coaching calls are called "Tea Time" and you can attend live on Zoom. This makes the coaching much more personal, which I think is great.

8. Email Marketing Training

Chance teaches email marketing in this course and covers its intricacies. With the help of certain tools, he shows you how to scrape your prospects' emails so that you can put them into your email pipeline.

He highlights the importance of making sure your emails always provide value. Chance even touches on how often you should drip your emails to your list.

In one video, Chance explains how you can use

This is a sales engagement platform that helps you automate & scale your multichannel outreach, so you can generate more leads, and increase your revenue at a faster rate.

He also shows you how to make it so that your recipients can view your market analysis videos right inside of the email using a Chrome extension.

When they open your email, they'll see your video instead of a just a link. 

This extension helps increase your open rate.

9. They Teach All Aspects of PPC Ads on Google & Facebook

Abdul takes you through the entire PPC process from how to create Facebook and Google ads, how to optimize them, split test, and more. You'll even learn how to set them up to keep them converting for your clients so that you can continue getting paid.

I think it was good how they share high converting landing page examples because they get you to think how can create your own.

Cons of Modern Millionaires

10. Google AdWords Training Is Not Updated To Google Ads

Not that they don't mention in the comments under the videos that there are some changes. I think it would have been so much better if they remade the videos because the old Google AdWords and new Google Ads platforms are different. 

This can confuse new students.

11. Stolen Client Acquisition Tactic???

In the module about acquiring clients through Facebook, Abdul teaches a client acquisition tactic that seems all too familiar with what is taught in the lead generation program I'm in.

They didn't call it the same thing, but they gave no credit to who actually came up with that technique.

I'll give you a hint who they learned it from.

His first name is Dan, and his last name is Klein.

It's such a genius way to get clients for sure.

To me, it's just interesting to see this technique taught by Abdul and Chance knowing it came from Dan and how they even share some extra material that comes with this training, although it's with their own personal touch.

In the lead generation coaching program, Dan taught this method years ago and many students have had a ton of success with it. I will not share what that method is out of respect for Dan.

12. Slight Disorganization

Some sections of this could have been arranged better.

For example, the information in Module 1, 'Getting Started', seems like it would be better off at the end or even in the VIP section of the course.

I felt like it took forever to get to where you actually start learning PPC ads.

Other than that, the course was well put together.

Final Comments

13. Do Chance & Abdul's Students Actually Make Money?

What Chance and Abdul teach is legit, so it doesn't surprise that they've had some successful students.

Obviously, it takes a LOT more effort and work than they will make it seem in their sales funnel. I think that neglect in realistic expectations has led to a ton of negative responses.

But, are there actual success stories to show?


In their sales funnel, you've got videos like this...

These big earning claims are reflecting revenue... not including the cost of generating the leads!

But do they actually take home all of that money?

Short answer: Not even close.

For example, the guy making $18K/month is probably spending anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000 just to generate the lead value necessary for the client.

Like I said, I'm sure there are some students who are having success with this model, but the income claims on the ads and testimonials are misleading to the average viewer.

Warning Signs of Smooth Sales Talk

  • Makes results seem SUPER easy
  • Lacks real data to back up comparative claims when attempting to prove their own bias
  • Income claims that blur the lines of reality and fantasy

14. Who's a Good Fit for Modern Millionaires?

If you're new to marketing and looking to run PPC ads to become your own boss, this might be a decent place to start because they cover a variety of different methods.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made so many people reconsider how they want to earn a living. More and more people began looking for ways to make money online. 

Are you someone who isn't looking to get rich tomorrow? Are you dead set on running PPC ads and have enough money to spend on learning how to successfully do so?

If so, this course might be for you.

15. What alternatives are there to Chance & Abdul's Modern Millionaires?

There are so many lead generation methods. Paid traffic and email marketing are just two of them. 

There are other good courses that teach paid traffic methods and aren't half as expensive as Modern Millionaires.

For example, I think Kasim Aslam's Paid Traffic Mastery course is a solid option and you only pay $500 for it. You'll primarily learn Google ads and he brings on some of his colleagues to teach about other platforms like Facebook, and YouTube.

Although there is no private Facebook group for support, this course is very insightful and the way you'll learn is great because of how enthusiastic Kasim is. He was one of the top 50 digital marketing thought leaders of 2020 for good reason.

After that, you can go with Billy Wilson's 6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency course.

Billy's course teaches you how to create a 6-figure marketing agency by running Facebook ads. He touches on all the basic steps you need to get started running ads on FB as well as how to run and scale your agency. There is also a private Facebook community for support.

Both paid traffic courses are solid options and much cheaper than what Chance and Abdul offer. 

How Does Lead Generation with Organic Traffic work?

Local Lead Generation

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