All right so in this article I'm going to show you 15 small businesses that are the most profitable to start in 2021.

 Some people just want to make money online. Others want to start a specific type of service in their city, helping people and businesses around them. 

Both kinds of businesses are below. 

So as you can see, there's a variety of different online business models available, but how do you decide which one to start in 2021?

Because the fact that you're here means that you want to start a business and you wanted to be profitable because have realized due to the times that we’re in that a business is the most reliable to start because it cannot be shut down by the local government.

So below you'll find a list of 15 businesses that will be profitable for you to start this coming year. But I also want to give you something to look forward to, at the end of the article I'm going to share the business model that has enabled me to go to very high income level in a very short.

Of time.

And the business model that I'm going to share has also helped over 6,517 other people build profitable businesses, but more on that at the end.


1. Electronics Repair Pro

Friends and fam call you a tech nerd?

Another piece of the puzzle is that people are continuously communicating via their Electronics why that's their laptop, their tablet or even their smartphone. And sense the smartphone in particular is super expensive to replace I you have to pay for the whole thing again rather than just paying for the piece that broke and have the repair cost be a little bit higher. well this is a cross between having an auto repair business and having a mobile detailing business because you're able to not have the overhead of having a store you can work this one out of your house and it doesn't take very much training to become proficient in repairing Electronics especially if you're geared toward fixing things anyway.  when you're an electronics repair business you help people with broken phone screens replacing Wi-Fi cards as well as laptop batteries.

Modern twist to this business is being willing to go to your customer rather than making your customer come through your storefront doors. Being willing to travel to your customer would eliminate the be common issues that for instance Apple stores are coming under Fire for, which are very long customer repair times.

2. Remote Tech Support

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 although 66% of Americans perceive themselves to be tech savvy, the reality is that many of them depend quite heavily on remote text support. Mini, often and error, make their Electronics open two different kinds of malware or hackers because they don't set up the security the right way and in order to correct the issues require remote tech support 2 take control over the computer and correct the issue or talk the customer through the solution over the phone.

The slight issue with this business is that you don't have any passivity that you constantly have to be talking with customers and for your business to be profitable.

But you might consider this business if technology comes easy to you as well as your rather extroverted and have a high level of patience with not tech-savvy people. you could even add the mobile element to your business and go to your customer we're your vehicle and be even more of service to them.

But with the in-person restrictions of our time, remote to text support that is simple to enable is probably the best way to go at this point in time.


3. Food Truck Business

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 Another business that's relatively up and coming and still rapidly growing is the food truck business. As restrictions on physical locations remain strong, this really inhibits the profitability of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. But what that opens opportunity for food trucks because they don't offer indoor dining rather people walk up to them get their food and walk away. so as far as restricting them it's very difficult because they can pull up to another place advertise their position on social media and then people find them during  their lunch hour or can even order from there and get the food delivered.

Where would you want to live in order to run a profitable food truck business in 2021? Well you want to live in a bigger possibly trendy or city like San Diego or San Francisco or even Dallas Texas because you want to have good weather year round so people aren't shying away from coming out to your food truck because of cold weather but also you want to have enough population so to serve so that you can be selling food pretty much all day long possibly with a couple of breaks both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

4. Meal Delivery

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With more and more people working from home, the mobile food industry has really taken off, and will likely continue to grow into 2021 as the new, post-covid, norms are set up. 

While we all want to go back to the way things were, my mentor says that the ones who really prosper are the ones who make the most of times like these. I mean a super simple example is Amazon back in the early 2000’s were the biggest spenders on Google Ads (back when they were underpriced), now you look at the ecom giant. There’s plenty of room for local “Door Dash” type companies, especially in mid size towns and larger cities. (You might start a meal delivery company by partnering with a chef who makes the food and you get it to the people who buy it, win-win, right?)

Digital Marketing

5. Personal Virtual Assistants

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6. Copywriter

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7. Social Media Management

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Money Management

8. Book Keeping & Accounting

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9. Financial Advisors

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10. Tax Advisor

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11. Auto Repair Business

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Business number one Auto Repair people are traveling by car more than anything else these days with the airlines very much restricted due to the pandemic so there's going to be even more cars in need of repair over the next few years because people will be driving even more than they are or they have been this past year oh, because once the airlines get things sorted out then they will likely be more restrictions for both National and international travel by air and so people will opt to travel by their vehicle. so the first thing you want to do when you're starting an auto repair business is to get the skills needed for the position.

That's obvious.

You need to be a mechanic which requires a whole year if not multiple years of specialized training, usually year to a specific set of brands oh, that is makes and models of vehicles. 

Friends and some people specialize in Chevrolet others Subarus and still others semi trucks. so you need to knit down immediately in your training to the specific make or variety of makes that you want to service.

12. Auto Accessory Installation

installing fancy stereos and remote start, etc. 

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13. Mobile Personal Training

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After spending all this time at home, former Gym Rats are wishing for a solution that would enable them to work out as well as keep on schedule with their fitness routines, which often requires creating a certain environment for them to work out in or with a partner.

This presents an opportunity for those who are lovers of fitness and would like to make money with their passion for exercising. 

First of all would be good to get certified in Fitness training so you have the official credentials oh, but then you could differentiate yourself from the gym down the street by tossing a few weights some elastic bands and a couple of yoga mats in the back of your car and go to your client rather than making the client come to to you. the personalization of this type of service would be an extreme value to those who are cooped up because of what's going on and you could, if you located yourself in a place with weather that suitable for being outside and most of the time, you can increase your profitability while building the community and facilitate group workout classes at a local park or outdoor Athletic Field.

14. Physical Therapy

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15. Hospice

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Hey I hope you enjoyed this list of most profitable businesses to start this next year, you really can't go wrong with any of the businesses on this list. It really depends on your skills and what you want your future to be like.

Me? When I got into online business back in 2015, I wanted to build digital assets that made money for me without my involvement, but I also wanted to have complete control over the asset and not be trading my hours for dollars anymore.

That's why I push local lead generation so hard is because I've experienced both the freedom that it brings (left my job for good a year after joining this lead gen coaching program having tripled my income)

Any business model has it's pros and cons, though for the local lead gen model, if you're willing to learn a few simple online skills like creating simple websites and pushing them up the rankings (honestly sounds more complex than it is), and you put in the work, you can earn your freedom pretty quickly (as I said, I did it in less than a year).

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