Behind every successful Digital Marketing Strategy lies a great sales Funnel.Problem is, even with easy-to-follow landing page templates, there’s still not many that actually know how to do this properly…That’s where Neel Sarode comes to the rescue – Well, maybe, maybe not… but that’s what we’re here to find out right.

But I hear you thinking – But Ippei, (that’s me btw) why should we take your word for it? Well for starters I’m not getting paid to do this review…I have numerous years of experience in just about every online biz model out there. Some more successful than others…

Which is why my #1 recommended Biz Model for 2021 & beyond is still Local Lead Generation.But I’m getting ahead of myself…Let’s take a closer look at Funnel Designer Masterclass 2020.

1. What is Funnel Designer Masterclass 2020?

The in-depth, A to Z masterclass teaching you how to design better funnels that make more moneyThe #1 Course for Revolutionizing Your FunnelsFunnel Designer is the key to building better funnels faster, saving you time, making you more money, and giving your clients better results.

No-Fluff Focused Training
The Masterclass video portion contains 52+ technical skill specific modules that can take even a noob funnel builder into a funnel designer who understands what makes a landing page beautiful and branded, while also following tried and tested conversion rate optimization principles.

The principles that Neel teaches in the course, along with the techniques and strategies are the biggest reason why many of his students are able to make a living from the comforts of their homes.
Neel has also included training to help you generate more leads and clients with the same methods that he used to build a $200k/year funnel building business.

He also shows you how to organize your social media and portfolio to convert prospects into clients the easy way.

2. Who is Neel Sarode?

He is the lead designer at Bank Account Builders, an agency that markets and designs for million dollar companies.
Neel says that he has designed world-class funnels for multiple 2 Comma Club ClickFunnel Members, and multi-million dollar companies.

He is also the creator of Template Builder, an app that generates customized templates for ClickFunnels. 

3. How does Sales Funnels Work

A sales funnel is a marketing concept that maps out the journey a customer goes through when making any kind of purchase. The model uses a funnel as an analogy because a large number of potential customers may begin at the top-end of the sales process, but only a fraction of these people actually end up making a purchase.
As a prospect passes through each stage of the funnel, it signifies a deeper commitment to the purchase goal. Most businesses, whether online or conventional, use this model to guide their B2C marketing efforts in each stage of the sales funnel.

The 4 basic Sales Funnel stages are:

So, why do you need a sales funnel?

Well, everyone who has an online business want to convert their website visitors into paying customers. And you want them to RETURN. If you fail to do that, you will hardly make any money.

Your primary goal with your sales funnel is to move people from one stage to another until they are ready to purchase. And then have them come back for more.

4. Are Sales Funnels Legit or a Scam?

Online Sales Funnels have been around for a LONG time! 

In a nutshell, an online sales funnel is a series of steps that attract potential customers, leads them to making a purchasing decision, and then ALSO works to convert or upsell them.

It's highly effective, and yes, LEGIT.
One of the most famous of marketing companies, ClickFunnels (Neel suggests you use them), have made a LOT of millionaires just by using Sales Funnels as a marketing tool. 

So, yes, it works!

5. How much does Neel's Course Cost? Any Specials?

Neel doesn't offer any specials, but he does have two payment options for the course. Funnel Designer Masterclass 2020 costs either $997 once off, or $497 over 3 months.

Pros of Funnel Designer Masterclass

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Cons of Funnel Designer Masterclass

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14. Do Neel’s Students Actually Make Money?

It would seem so, YES. Neel has some fantastic testimonials from clients, as well as students. Some of his clients are well-known & respected in the field of design and marketing.

Feel free to have a look for yourself by going to

15. Who's a Good Fit for Funnel Designer Masterclass?

Neel states that the following people will find his course useful:
Funnel Designers who want to master their craft and learn to design world-class funnels in hours that they can charge more money for their services.

Business Owners using ClickFunnels who want to improve their retargeting efforts, improve their brand appearance, and increase customer trust in the brand through professional design.

Agency Owners who want to charge more for their funnel designs and can use this course to train their designers to perform at the standards that the best funnel designers in the world have set.

16. What alternatives are there to Neel's Funnel Designer Masterclass? 

Tai takes you from 0 and gets you started with your social media marketing agency.

If you don't know how to acquire clients, you'll know after this course.

In Tai's course, he teaches how to market on all of the big social media platforms which include: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Snapchat. Not many courses or even digital marketers bother with Snapchat which gives you the advantage in your market.

Tai also teaches you how to setup your first lead generation funnel, how to make your videos go viral and towards the end, how to automate everything.

The price tag is $997 though, but worth it considering all the other platforms that get covered, as opposed to just ClickFunnels.

How Does Digital Marketing Stand up to Others? Like Lead Generation?

Not every business model suits every person, so you need to do your own homework and find what fits.Each biz model has its pros and cons.

I found MJ DeMarco's book, The Millionare Fastlane invaluable in helping me decide.MJ offers a serious dose of millionaire mentoring and should be on your must-read list.
DeMarco shares his secrets in evaluating potential businesses so that you can pick the winners and avoid the duds.

He created the C.E.N.T.S. model to make it simple to pick a winning biz model. It stands for:Let me give you a couple of examples of how to use it. Today, let’s focus on just two points. Need & Entry…

17. Need
The affiliate-network marketing hybrid that’s running behind the curtain of Affiliate Institute is lacking fundamental need for it’s Enagic products.

Sure, you can create the need for an electrolyzed ionic water filtration system through effective marketing and consumer education…

But at the end of the day a $5k alkaline water system is a luxury purchase.

With a vast majority of the world’s population still lacking disease-free drinking water, clever marketing and consumer education will be a must.

On the other hand, every single business on the planet (including Affiliate Institute) knows the immediate need for new business leads.

With a business model like lead generation, you don’t have to educate the customer on the need.

You’ve simply got to educate them on how you can meet that need better than your competitors.

That’s on the local, national, or international scale.

Put that in your filter and pump it.

18. Entry
One of the most obvious Red Flags about Dropshipping is the Low Level to Entry.
What this essentially means anyone with a few bucks & an internet connection, can sign up online & instantly become a new Dropshipping Store Owner.
Why is this a bad thing? Because anyone can do it, most people do… Which is why you get over saturated markets & low profit margins.

Local Lead Gen acquires a very specific skill set to rank your website using Free Organic Traffic through Google.
Which means you’ll always be in demand & you become a valuable asset to any business you work with.


At the end of the day, using ClickFunnels isn’t for every one and that is why Funnel Designer Masterclass might not be for all.

Using ClickFunnels is only for those who want to go the extra mile to make sure their products are extremely profitable, and is thus only for the truly dedicated sellers out there.

There are other products out there which are better at selling products quickly or generating a lot of leads in a short period of time.

But if you decide that ClickFunnels is the way forward with your marketing efforts then Funnel Designer Masterclass is a good course to get to know the platform better.

It's quite simple.

It all begins by building a simple website, using a template-based editor such as WordPress, Wix, or Weebly and then...

  1. 1
    You pick a niche, generally a localized, essential, and recession proof service (like roofing, plumbing, tree removal, ect) and build the site around that niche.
  2. 2
    Using SEO techniques, you then rank that website to #1 on Google so that it soaks up the local customer base.
  3. 3
    Once you have customers, you can lease it out for a monthly fee and forward them a Google phone number. I generally charge $500-$2500 a month, depending on their revenue. 

For instance, this tree service site has been paying me on average of $2000 a month since 2014. They've never missed a payment.

Your service brings more customers to an already successful local business, but you still own the site. There's no reason for them to stop paying you - and the maintenance on already ranked sites is extremely minimal.

It provides truly passive income - and you're supporting local businesses in the process.

Start up costs?

About $30 a month (for the website hosting and Google phone number).

Below is one of the first sites I ever made, which I created in 2016. They have been paying me $850 a month ever since! 


Skilled labor businesses are often wary of digital marketing. To win over their trust, I typically forward them leads for free while I'm ranking the site and will continue to do so for as long as I see fit. I also add a pre-recorded message, using Google Voice, that says...

"This client was provided by Ippei Leads, LLC."

By the time I've made contact, they've already enjoyed a sizable boost in revenue. They're usually more than enthusiastic to meet the mysterious man who's been providing them with new clients.

The service sells itself.

However, if the business is not interested - then I just repeat the process aimed at their competition. It's their loss. Of course, this rarely happens.

Also, the sites are pretty hands off once they're ranked. As long as you're working with a business that provides quality service, you can count on holding the top Google placements for the long haul.

This allows you to both generate passive income and focus your efforts on scaling your business to the moon.

I personally enjoy the scaling process and am making over $52,000 a month off of my sites. You can grow your business as big as you want, because more clients and more revenue, does not necessarily mean a higher workload.

I knew the 9-5 office grind was not for me. Humanity as a whole, I believe, is not meant to be confined to a formalized office environment.

Lead Generation was the exit plan and it has taken me to places I never thought were possible.

If you want to stop selling your time for cash.
If you want to enjoy a life unhinged from the bindings of office purgatory.
If you want to take life into your own hands and be your own boss.

Don't let the wave pass you by - and learn more about Lead Generation today. 

Local Lead Generation

Passive Income Coaching


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