October 24

Neel Sarode Course – Funnel Designer Review 2019


Behind all ecom are sales funnels.

They are essential to driving the right audiences directly to product pages.

How to build them properly isn’t really common knowledge. Too many sales funnel strategies aren’t really strategies at all.

And many sales funnels are based more on best guesses rather than best practices.

That’s where Neel Sarode comes in.

Ecommerce wasn’t the only thing that brought me to where I am today.

Using both the knowledge I’ve gained from Neel and generating leads for businesses online, I was able to reach an income of $50k a month.

I will be reviewing Neel’s “Funnel Designer” course today, as well as, comparing it with business lead generation.

Who is Neel Sarode?

Neel Sarode is a sales funnel expert. He has studied them for years and developed critical methods for creating the best funnels.

He prefers the term design to describe how a sales funnel is made only because they are artfully tailored to highly specific audiences.

Neel decided to share how designing great sales funnels can be accomplished by pretty much anyone with the basic information available. 

Funnel Designer Summary

Neel developed a complete course that focuses in on proper sales funnel development.

Because the goal of any sales funnel is to earn money, Neel created three precise elements for building a sales funnel for conversions.

He also invests heavily in visual hierarchy. Sales funnels depend on engagement content. 

Striking images that lead the buyer through the process are necessary.

He also emphasizes the importance of clear and concise copy. He realized not everyone is a copywriter, that’s why he offers basic templates on written content that can be customized for any site.

Neel also introduces you to ClickFunnel. He used this powerful tool to help develop some of the highest optimizing pages on the internet.

He shows how to set up and manage the tool to get the results you need.

 That includes creating engaging web page layouts. He shows how variations in layout design can actually impact sales.

Would you believe the size of the font matters? Neel walks you through interesting case studies on how visual elements can make or break a conversion.

He gives you a crash course in font background. He has stats on what fonts actually engage audiences most.

But this is just the start of what you get in this deep dive into funnel development.

The course also includes:

·         Implementing comprehensive CSS applications

·         Developing engaging content to keep audiences on page

·         Targeting segmented audiences with sales funnel ads

·         Using the best designer tools to create your funnels

·         Color theming for impressive results

·         Creating striking photos for your page

·         Optimizing your site for mobile engagement

·         Watching your numbers to know page performance

Neel also realized that sales funnel tech and intel is always changing. That’s why he also provides online resources so you can always stay up to date.

Here you can get the latest tools being used in the business and news on changes to Google search. Find out what new developments are happening in sales funnel development.

Before long you will have highly optimized sales funnels drawing the best traffic. Watch your site traffic go through the roof.

See how conversion rates increase and audience segments begin to thrive.

With Neel’s help you can start developing funnels that serve the one purpose that matters most: making money.

While I Met Some Goals With Neel’s Course, This Brought Me Much More Success…

First, let’s compare the two methods:

Cons of Ecommerce

  • Can make you depend on third-party sellers, which may be unreliable
  • Can be risky with your personal information
  • Competition with people all over the world with similar products
  • Requires a lot of time and attention

Why I Think Business Lead Gen Is So Amazing

  • You can help local businesses grow
  • Little or no requirement of maintenance once a website is set up
  • Scalable income
  • The website virtually sells itself

Here is how this business model comes into action…

An online presence is needed for businesses to reach the most consumers possible. If you lack one, potential profits will suffer.

To aid this, people with our skills make them a website. The website must rank up on Google’s search page to get attention and generate plenty of leads.

We forward the leads through our website to the company, and they make deals with them.

We get paid, they get paid, everyone is a winner in this system.

To better visualize, I’ll show you this limousine service website I’ve built:

See how the top two spots are held by my website?

That’s what makes it valuable to the company I’m working with.

The best part is that once the website is established and sending leads, I no longer have to touch it. It just sits there making me money.

I can move on and make a new website for a different company.

Say a company goes out of business. What happens to the website?

I own it, so I keep the place and just sell the leads to someone else. Less risk for you.

Here is a website I’ve been earning $2k a month from for 4 years. I’ve barely touched it since it was set up:

This line of work has brought me and several others success. You can just go to our massive online community and see for yourself!

There are so many others who do this, both old and new. So, when you’re just starting out, please do ask someone if you’ve got any problem.

Someone out there is sure to help you out.

This guy here is already making deals out there:

And I’ll leave you with this. This online coaching program for business leads will teach you all there is needed to know to start.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey to become a successful business lead generator!


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