Let’s be honest, nobody can actually predict the future. However, some people anticipate trends and culture changes very well and there’s a TON of money to be made there.

Most entrepreneurs are always trying to figure out how to stay out in front of the crowd by predicting what will be “hot” over the next two or three decades.

And some manage to do so.

It’s very risky to bet on outcomes that may be seen as “out in left field.” But with great risk comes great reward. And in this case riches and wealth.

In this articles we’re going to look at a handful of business opportunities that should start churning your brain about what the future holds in business.

This will be your one stop shop for future business ideas, removing the need for you to type “future business ideas 2021” into search boxes anymore.

We’re going to look at signs and discuss where the world is going to make very educated predictions about future business.

It’s not as hard to do as most people think it is if you know what you’re looking for.

In recent years it’s been our cultures acceptance of technological advancements. The world has been completely transformed over the last 15 years or so.

When these changes occur it opens the door for new business opportunities.

Another thing to look for is changing patterns within our society.

This is when astute entrepreneurs shine. Many are willing to take the risk and act on their instincts.

And many of them have seen levels of success they never thought possible.

Bottom line is that no matter what our instincts say, we can’t predict the future. We don’t know what the business world will look like several years from now.

Being a business owner/entrepreneur is about risk-taking. Get use to it because that’s not going to change.

Obviously we don’t want to take risks that don’t make sense. We want to be logical risk takers and give ourselves a high chance for success.

I took that calculated risk a few years back when I got into lead generation for small local businesses. This model gave me the chance to increased my passive income to multiple ten thousand dollars per month.

This amount of money challenges the highest paying careers in the world.

I jumped into a coaching program that showed me how I could create enough income to quit my job in only a few months. I was doing it part-time up until I quit my 9 to 5.

Now I work from home and make my own schedule.

The fifteen businesses below have the signs we discussed and more likely than not they will be high income beyond 2030.

#1 Marriage Counseling/Therapy

The divorce rate in America has been consistently rising for a long time now. And it’s rising quickly.

This obviously isn’t a positive for our society but it does bring a profitable business opportunity.

The beautiful thing about your potential as a marriage therapist or counselor is that you should see the business grow pretty aggressively in the near future.

Stats show that the need for marriage therapy professionals will grow by about 41% by 2021.

Those numbers are incredibly aggressive and just picture what the demand could look like a decade from then in 2030.

Starting a business in this field will require you to set up a practice, establish your value in the industry and hire mental health professionals.

If you decide to go this direction you could be in line for huge profits in the next 10 years.

#2 Manufacturing Marijuana Cigarettes

The acceptance of Marijuana has continued to grow in recent time.

This business idea is one of the more popular one’s on the list due to the fact that it’s a very controversial topic of late.

It seems like every year, one or two states make marijuana legal for recreational use, let alone medical use.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before it’s legalized across America.

It’s completely legal in Canada already.

People are already preparing for mass production in anticipation of complete legality.

Imagine walking into a gas station in ten years and seeing just as many, if not more marijuana cigs on the wall than tobacco filled cigs.

Many large companies are gearing up for a chance at mass production because there is and will be a ton of money to be made in the future.

Maybe you need to consider launching your very own weed cig company.

Take a minute to think about all the different brands of cigarettes on the wall when you walk into a gas station. There are too many to remember.

There will be enough pie for many marijuana cigarette companies to get a piece.

The key to getting into such a competitive space is discovering how you can grow or source weed on a huge scale.

Take the next several years to grow and establish your brand and you could see yourself next to the big boy brands in a decade.

#3 Growing Meat In The Lab

We can all agree that the search for sustainable energy and resources is one that won’t end.

Resources continue to decrease year after year and something needs to change for us to sustain the world’s growing population.

Farms for livestock put a big hindrance on our environment because they require a ton of food and water for success.

The farms also produce massive amounts of pollution and waste.

Scientists have developed a solution which involves the production of lab-grown meat.

Through the use of stem cells, they’re capable of growing meat in a laboratory with a combo of said stem cells and other ingredients.

This technological research is very far from completion but it is coming. According to scientists they’re yet to make it taste good which is obviously crucial.

No matter how you choose to look at this concept, it makes a ton of sense and it could very well be the way we eat our meat in the future.

It will undoubtedly be backed by animal rights advocates and animal lovers across the world, as well as people that care about the environmental future of the Earth.

If you decide to get involved in this space, you could be in for a huge pay day. This is one of those things that will change the world.

By 2030, you could be spearheading one of the largest meat labs in the world.

#4 Vertical Farming

The worlds population continues to increase rapidly which means farming needs to become more efficient to compensate.

Of course when the population rises, we need to create more places for people to live. This requires land, which farms need to produce goods.

So what happens when we need to turn farm lands into housing? Exactly. You see the problem.

Any respectable farmer will tell you that the key is to make the most out of the land you have. How can you maximize the amount you can grow in the smallest area possible?

Well what if you could grow up instead of growing out?

This is a very logical solution to the problem. Begin to grow crops on top of one another instead of taking up more land by growing the crops on a flat plane.

Many cities these days are investing in vertical farming technology as population rises. It allows them to acquire food in the city instead of getting it from farms nearby the city.

It seems logical that this could be the sole way we grow plants in the future and getting your hands in the market could be turn huge profits in the future.

#5 Water Control

It’s important to consider business start ups that will carry you through the better part of your life. Clean water is obviously vital to society and things like delivering water to homes and businesses has extreme value if you can accomplish it privately.

Wars and conflicts in the future will undoubtedly be fought over resources like water as opposed to oil. Water is well on it’s way to becoming a scarcity in quicker than anyone realizes.

This means there will be a higher priority on the monetization of water trade.

It has the potential to be extremely lucrative down the road which is exactly what we’re doing here.

Bottled water is thriving now, just think about what will happen when water becomes a scarcity?

#6 Solar Power

Every year there are many advancements with solar power.

Consistent technological advancements mean that soon enough, the investment will be an obvious route for every homeowner and business.

The sun isn’t going to decide to not rise one day.

Many people make the investment in solar panels and simultaneously say goodbye to electric bills.

Now is the time to get in on the solar industry. Both federal and state governments are offering tax breaks for companies who develop and install solar.

Also, they’re offering tax breaks for homeowners that decide to make the investment. Some states offer more than others.

You could focus on the residential and/or commercial side. The number of people and business owners willing to invest in solar power continues to rise.

#7 Food Truck

The number of food truck businesses continues to increase.

The entire industry continues to grow and it’s worth more than most people recognize.

Try several billion.

The reason so many people are jumping into the business is because of how profitable it can be.

You’re operating a restaurant on wheels right?

Except you’re doing so without the huge investment up front due to the brick and mortar concept.

The success rate of a food truck is astronomically higher than a restaurant start up.

Food truck fail rate = 10-20%

Restaurant fail rate = up to 90%

Staggering stats.

If you offer really good food it’s so hard to fail when running a food truck. I think it’s safe to say that the food truck space will continue to grow into the 2030s.

#8 Vehicle Sharing

Down the road, owning a vehicle may not be the same as we know it today.

If you do some research there are already several vehicle sharing businesses established in big cities.

The idea is that you only have to pay for a vehicle when you’re actually using it.

Wow, so simple and yet a real eye opener isn’t it?

One of those, “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Think about only paying to get in a car, do what you have to do and then park it instead of have monthly car payments when it sits in your driveway most of the time.

In this age of convenience and being smart with your money, it’s easy to see why this industry is expected to grow exponentially in the future.

Many have gone as far to say that people won’t even own cars in the future.

If the city or region you live in doesn’t already have a car sharing business, this could end up being a very profitable business decision.

Couple this with building an online presence built around the company and you could monopolize the marketplace.

This is what our coaching program teaches you to do. The use of free online traffic to drive a business.

#9 Mining Asteroids

Everyone knows that diamonds, gold, platinum, etc. are extremely valuable because they’re not easy to find and there’s a short supply.

However, when we look beyond the atmosphere there is an abundance of all of them.

Once space travel reaches the necessary level, large corporations all over the world are going to be pulling these metals out of asteroids.

None of us really know how far away we are from those technological developments. Maybe it won’t even be possible by 2030.

But, come on. It’s easy to see how incredibly lucrative that space will be. All pun intended.

Big pockets all around the world are salivating at that opportunity and why shouldn’t the rest of us?

If this is something that catches your eye the same way it does mine, then let’s look at some ways to be ready for it.

The most important thing to look at is automation.

The use of drones or robotics to mine the materials will likely be absolutely massive.

It’s going to take a courageous and ambitious individual to go after this industry. Many people will probably see it as impossible.

#10 Charging Centers for Cars

Electric vehicles are here already but it will only grow as time goes by.

It’s not crazy to think that all vehicles will be electric at some point in the future.

Manufacturers are already tinkering and testing the market with electric cars (see Tesla, Nissan, Toyota).

The vehicles are becoming more popular but there is a lack of places for people to charge the cars.

It probably goes without saying but these are stations where people can stop to charge their vehicles much like gas stations.

Think about a time where gas stations will be converted to electric stations.

As technological advancements are made, there charging time of a vehicle will be sliced and diced. It will eventually be as quick as fueling up with gas.

Think about the ability to start with a few small charging stations and one day transform your small business into a franchise opportunity.

#11 Robotics

It’s obvious to almost everyone that robotics and artificial intelligence is the way of the future.

It’s only a matter of time.

Robots continue to improve as time passes.

People need to prepare for a time when complete industries will vanish and people will lose jobs to robots.

Think about the opportunity for entrepreneurs that are ready to jump on the situation though.

The uses for robots in this world are astounding and pretty much endless.

With it comes an unthinkable amount of business opportunities.

Construction services, warfare and cleaning are just a handful of industries that robots will be more than capable of taking over.

Those of us that understand and embrace the robotic future will have a leg up on the competition and be in demand.

#12 Box Subscription Service

Box subscriptions are becoming more and more popular with more services seemingly popping up monthly.

It’s extremely simple and yet holds obvious power because of the convenience factor.

Monthly subscription fee = monthly box with goods that you’re interested in. Could be a hobby that you enjoy or food that you’d like to try.

Maybe it’s toys or treats for your dog or cat.

Maybe it’s some cosmetic products that you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

The options are endless.

With the direction that society is going, it seems like this industry will only continue it’s rise in popularity.

If you’re an avid video gamer, imagine opening a monthly box which could contain a new accessory for your game console or PC.

It’s Christmas!

Just kidding (unless you’re actually reading this on Christmas Day). But for most that’s what it feels like.

#13 Harnessing Wind Energy

The use of wind energy will become increasingly popular and more viable by 2030 and especially beyond that.

In the right location, it’s very possible that cities will be run on wind energy.

In some instances wind farming produces more energy than the area needs and one could actually sell the unused energy to the government or privately.

As demand continues to grow and the planets resources decline, this could become a very lucrative business option in the future.

#14 3D Printing

3D Printing has seen it’s popularity grow vastly in recent years. Many people are talking about what it can do.

Think about a future time where you can simply download a physical product and create it in your home as opposed to going to the store to purchase it.

With a single click you’ll be able to choose a blueprint/item online and have it created right next to you. Probably in the same place that your home printer sits right now.

In minutes you’ll turn a digital display of a product into a fully functioning physical version.

3D printers a extremely expensive right now and they will be for the foreseeable future.

You could establish a shop for 3D printing and charge people a fee to come use your printers and services.

Right now you would only need a couple printers and as popularity rises you could add more and more advanced versions.

I really like this business honestly.


#15 Veterinarian Business

People love their pets. Period.

And pet ownership continues to grow even in 19′.

Billions of dollars every year run through the pet industry and that number is continuously going up.

True, there are already a large number of companies that have their hands in pet toys, grooming and foods but there is a demand for veterinarians.

Pet owners have a deep connection with their pets. They’re part of the family much like children.

That’s why so many people are willing to pay very high bills for vet visits. Even for things like check ups and common surgical procedures.

These things making a vet practice a very viable and highly profitable business plan now and moving forward.

In Conclusion

All 15 of the business ideas that we just covered have incredible potential over the next 10 years and beyond.

Of course some of these models are safer bets than others.

It’s also fair to say that while some carry more risk, they also offer a ridiculous payout when their time comes.

I feel completely comfortable saying that any of these business ideas are great ideas moving forward. It’s all about finding the one that lights a fire in you.

Local Lead Generation – The Top Business Model for 2019

My favorite thing about all of the businesses that we just listed and discussed is the fact that they all place a heavy focus on long-term results.

You want to be investing in a business opportunity that you’ll be reaping rewards from for a long time. Not investing in those that will be gone in a year.

3D printing, solar energy and asteroid mining are all things that haven’t entered their prime yet. The list could’ve gone well past 15.

Let’s cover a model that is among the most profitable and that is attracting local leads via free web traffic and sending them to small businesses for monthly compensation.

The internet is an amazing thing and if you embrace it’s potential you can be rewarded handsomely. With the right skills you can launch yourself to the peak of the market and be an expert in helping local small businesses grow.

But how do you do it? Well, that’s exactly what our coaching program is designed for.

We build virtual real estate assets and then rent them out. It’s much like the passive income received from physical real estate when you consider the fact that the leads come in on auto pilot after the site is built.

Think about these points:

  • passive money for more vacations
  • time freedom
  • about 8 hours to build a lead generation site
  • sleep easily knowing all your bills will be paid

Before I learned these skills, those were all things that I only dreamed of.

I began the lead gen model a few years back and in only a few months I quit my 9 to 5 and started doing local lead gen full-time.

Check out the pool site below. I built it around the same time I left my 9 to 5 and it’s been bringing in $650/mo on auto pilot for over 2 years.

I’ve taken my business to the point where I’ve hired others to build my business for me. Allowing me to enjoy more of what I love to do.

For me, it was all about freedom. I didn’t want people telling me I couldn’t do something because of a price tag.

As humans we’re God’s highest form of creation, why should anybody tell you that you can’t do something? You work hard. Support a family.

And you can’t do something because you don’t have enough paper?

Come on.

I was ready to turn that around. That’s when I invested in this program so I could take my life back.

If you want to do the same and learn a high income skill to transform your financial standing then check out the coaching program.

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