What is Online Revenue System?

They teach you how to offer a $300 service to small businesses, like offering reputation management or building social media pages for them. They also teach you how to use their software called SociSpy that selectively finds small businesses that's lacking social media profiles, or messed up Google Map Listings and finds their emails. It's up to you to reach out to them and offer to fix it for a small fee.

Cost: Online Revenue System costs $17 to join and $47 per year.

Community: They have a private Fakebook group of 300 people called Offline Sharks.

What the Online Revenue System Promises?

By utilizing their software Online Revenue System promises that you can reach out to business owners and simply offer to help fix their online profiles for a small fee. This removes the difficulty of having to pitch a high ticket service and being very pushy & salesy.

Who is Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

They run their own local marketing agency and they have developed few tools and techniques to close deals, and they share with their community the Offline Sharks. It's all about servicing local businesses in different ways so that they can get more exposure online.

Nick Ponte is based out of Maui and runs an agency that specialize in web design, SEO & Social Media Marketing.

What's included in Online Revenue System?

  • Software (SociSpy) that helps you find potential clients to pitch to
  • Various pitch examples & Guide to crafting your pitch
  • Case study how to land your $300 client
  • how to offer the service or you can outsource it

Some issues with Online Revenue System?

  • Because you're offering such low ticket service at $300, it's going to take a lot of clients to make decent income
  • It's difficult to turn low ticket client into long term recurring income

My Opinion about Online Revenue System

Online Revenue System tries to make it sound like the software SociaSpy is going to be the magic pill that's going to suddenly allow you to make all this money online. However, upon further inspection this tool doesn't do anything that extraordinary imo. Many of the things that it tracks you can manually check simply by doing a Google search and looking for companies with no map listing or bad reviews. I often find that many programs utilize these software as a way to make their business model seem like its so easy that anyone can do it.

Because there are so many people online that wishes they can make money by clicking few buttons and working as little as possible. But this is the wrong mindset to have imo. Whenever a business opportunity is promised to be easy and fast, get ready to enter a business that's got a lot of uphill battles because everyone is trying to do the same thing. When the barrier to entry is really low, you have a lot of saturation.

I also don't like how Online Revenue System is teaching people how to sell super low ticket services at $300 when Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis themselves don't just offer these low ticket services in their agency. They offer high-ticket SEO & web design services, so something isn't adding up.

My #1 Recommendation for 2023

Local Lead Generation

  • Most reliable passive income I found on the internet
  • I was able to quit my job in 6 months

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