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If you’re here because you’re heard of their multiple 6-figure stores and want to know just what all the fuss is about, you’ve come to the right place. Our Super Tan Brothers review will give you the inside scoop.

Steve and Evan Tan have taken the eCommerce world by storm and command a huge following on their Facebook group.They boast some mind-boggling sales numbers for their stores but can help you get there too?

We will be digging into their mastermind opportunity and seeing whether these 2 superhero-sounding characters can help you power-up your eCom game in such a hyper-competitive market.

I have years of dropshipping experience and have studied mulitiple programs. If I’m being completely honest with you, there are better business models for generating serious levels of income online. If that’s what you want, check out my #1 recommendation for 2021.

Okay, let’s find out what separates Steve and Evan from the pack.

1. What is the Super Tan Brother's Training Course?

This is something completely different...

It's a high-level mastermind for dropshippers who super ambitious to level up their enterprise.

image of a mastermind group and a list of cities with future masterminds

It's 6 months as part of an elite dropshipping cohort.

What you'll dig into:

It's an inside look into the strategies and processes that Steve & Evan have employed to build multiple 6-figure stores and skyrocket their income.

The purpose of this mastermind is to transform your business from every angle.

guys participating in the Super Tan Brothers with an ocean view learning dropshipping

You'll be sharing nuggets with your cohort while networking with other dropshipping who are hungry to see big numbers from their stores too.

However, the Super Tan Brothers set a VERY high bar for entry:

What's super-clear here is it's NOT for beginners.

And, you need to have plenty of dropshipping experience and be prepared for big Ad spend.

2. Who are the Super Tan Brothers?

They're born and raised in Singapore.

Starting in 2016, they've built an ecosystem of businesses around their eCommerce business and they're making a killing.

Steve Tan and Evan Tan leaning on their luxury vehicles

But how did they get there?

Steve and Evan used to be hooked on video game world.

Steve Tan, Evan Tan and their mom enjoying a really nice meal together

They credit their mom for challenging to go play 'in the real world' instead.

So, they chose eCommerce.

And started pouring the same intensity into making money online that they used to in their virtual world.

Facebook page head for steve tan

Steve Tan got his first taste of success in eBay back in 2008.

Steve tan standing in front of a yellow ferrari

Wanting to jump to the next level, he dabbled with a cosmetics business, selling electronics, and a groupon-type startup.

Non of them worked out, leaving him frustrated and feeling hopeless.

Super Tan Brothers Steve Tan in front of a crowd at an event

It's clear to see how Steve is a strong visionary leader.

His energy and ideas standout BUT he was missing something.

The real cheat code in business is having someone who can take those concepts actually get sh*t done.

This is where Evan enters the game...

Facebook page head for evan tan

Evan had been earning his degree in International Business and was ready to apply what his knowledge to the real world.

Evan Tan and his dog sitting in front of a yellow ferrari

When he was ready to team up with Steve 2016, it was the rocket fuel to build a highly successful empire.

Together, they have not only built a massive eCommerce empire but multiple eCom education channels too.

Their Facebook group has over 100,000 members.

steve and evan tan ecommerce elites mastermind facebook group

They've been trying to get Leap Vista, an ecommerce training company, off the ground but judging by the post on it's Instagram, there's been some legal issues to overcome.

instagram post about legal problems for leap vista

In case you're new dropshipping.

3. How does Dropshipping Work?

In dropshipping, you're the middleman but you never have to touch or see the product.

The supplier takes care of inventory and shipping the item to the buyer for you.

Here's a visual overview:

infographic demonstrating an overview of how dropshipping works

You mark up the selling price of the goods and get to keep the profits, after you've taken care of fees and expenses.       

4. Is Dropshipping Legit or a Scam?

Great question!

As a business model, it's totally legit.

There are people who've figured out how to make an obscene level of income.

Super Tan Brothers facebook post showing Evan Tan's 7-figure dropshipping store sales

However, dropshipping also has it's problems with scammers and fake products.

Not to mention all the 'gurus' trying to sell courses their training courses by luring you in with photos of sports cars, private jets, and cool mansions.

Now, I'm not painting the Super Tan Bros with the same brush here. 

Their course is aimed at a very different audience.

I'm just suggesting you really do you research before falling for any sales pitches.

What is clear overall is the trend for eCom is moving more toward branded products and developing supply chains. 

The concept of selling cheap items from Aliexpress isn’t where the money is anymore.

It could be argued that some of these guru’s aren’t really bringing in their big paychecks with dropshipping in it’s traditional sense anymore - and not the way it’s been taught to newbies.     

5. How much does Steve & Evan's Course Cost? Any Specials?

We already stated it's for established dropshippers but it's still a major investment.

Working with the Tan Bros is going to cost you a cool $25,000 for six month.

They are willing to take an initial $8,000 up front to get started and they will trust you to pay the remaining $17,000 as the course proceeds.

And remember, be prepared for travel expenses to exotic locations and blowing through Ad spent for testing and scaling big-time.

I'm sure they have the flexibility to adjust the price. Maybe it's worth trying to negotiate or sweeten the deal.

Pros of the Super Tan Brother's Training Course  

6. They Have an Impressive Track Record

Once Evan jumped on board full-time and built out effective systems, they've gone from strength to strength.

They've been invited to speak at some of the top eCommerce conferences.

ecommerce presentation by evan and steve tan

While they'll readily admit that they're not public speakers, they're very effective and conveying their message and concepts.

Evan Tan presenting at ecom world conference

One of the things I really appreciated about these guys is they get to the point without all the fluff.

Super Tan Brothers pointing to their name at the top of the Facebook Wall

They don't ramble on like many of the online marketing teachers do in their courses.

7. Access to Incredibly Detailed Inner-Workings of Their Enterprise

This is real, actionable material.

They share secret tactics to promote their listings:

steve and evan tan using emojis

Ad strategies:

facebok ad strategies from Evan & Steve Tan

Targeting Pay-Per-Click Ads:

Lookalike audience strategies by super tan brothers

Like I said, Steve and Evan really know their sh*t.

8. Being Around Other Mega-Dropshippers

They say how you'll mirror the 5 people you spend the most time around.

If you're going to be a successful entrepreneur, it's key to have a tight network of people who are driven and have a similar mindset.

group of dropshipping students sitting in a luxury home during the Tan Brothers mastermind

When you're at the peak of your industry, paying for high level masterminds is the norm if you want to get to the next level.

Cons of the Super Tan Brother's Mastermind 

10. Very Expensive

We are talking $25,000 here. That's no small chunk of change.

Plus you're going to need to drop a huge stack of cash on ad spend.

Remember, part of the condition of joining this course is go hit the ground running and act fast - they aren't interesting in someone who's not a risk-taker.

sales page snippet about no refunds due to the personal time invested

Oh, and btw there's absolutely no refunds.

big red no refund stamp on white background

Yep, if it turns out to be a disaster...sorry.

11. Only For The Top 1% of Dropshippers

This isn't a dropshipping course for the masses - it's for an elite group who are ready to power up by rapidly applying the ideas here.

evan tan and steve tan standing by a private jet and silver lambo

Right of the bat, this ultra-high level mastermind is going to eliminate the majority of people looking at this course.

It's not necessarily a negative though - having 'amateurs' in the mastermind would dilute the value.

12. Dropshipping is Cut-Throat Competitive

Here's something that's overlooked:

How saturated the dropshipping Arena is in 2021.

You have to find the hot products at the right point of their sales cycle.

And figure out how to beat the rest of your competitors for the sale.

Although one of the conditions of the program is to give value - I wonder how much of the really juicy stuff people will be willing to share when it matters?

In my experience, many business owners not only won't share trade secrets - they'll actually spend money to sabotage you.

While I'm sure you can find a few here on the course with integrity, I'm also sure that most people will be looking out for themselves and if that means stealing your ideas or a smear campaign on your store or ad, so be it.

13. Not the Best Business Model for 2021

There's a lot talk about dropshipping being dead.

It's truly becoming a saturated market.

With all the false promises of million-dollar stores, newbies are jumping board everyday to have a go.

Here's something no one wants to talk about...

If you can find an item on AliExpress, so can your damn customer. 

(the deal-hunters are really doing their homework these days)

image of 2 necklaces for purchase on AliExpress

If they're going to take the risk of buying online and waiting 3 weeks for you to deliver it, why wouldn't they just go and buy it for a fraction of the cost themselves?

example of product choice from super tan brothers

Sure, there's going to be people too lazy or who haven't figured out what dropshipping but it's like a ticking countdown timer.

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Even the Super Tan Brothers agree that their customers could get their hands on the same product quicker and cheaper in the store cheaper if they bothered to look.

They know they're counting on impulse buying habits and laziness from customers.

Concluding Thoughts

14. Do Steve & Evan's Students Actually Make Money?

Let's be real, Steve and Evan students are already making good money - they just want to scale rapidly.

$215k in one day dropshipping sales by evan tan

It's not clear how much of it is profit though.

Keep in mind that the best dropshippers make 10-20% in profit, maybe 30% if they're exceptional.

And remember, the Super Tan Brothers also have their own fulfillment, agency, and software businesses.

image of $2 million dollars sales on Steve Tan dropshipping store

They're playing by a different set of rules to most dropshippers with teams of employees handing product research and customer service on a massive scale.

When you see these kinds of numbers, it's easy to get carried away with calculator dreams thinking it's a gimme.

In reality, these are enterprises with lots of people behind the scenes and they took years to build.

AND they needed some lucky breaks along the way.  

15. Who's a Good Fit for The Super Tan Brother's Training Course?

As we've already covered, Evan and Steve do a great job if narrowing down the target audience for their program.

super tan brothers mastermind group toast raises glasses of champaigne

This course is for an experienced dropshipper who ready to invest a significant sum to leap forward in the industry.  

16. What alternatives are there to Steve & Evan's The Super Tan Brother's Training Course?

This depends on where you are in your dropshipping journey...

If you're a complete beginner with zero experience, Deepwork Labs eCommerce Accelerator Program by Matthew Sabia is a good starting point.

Logo for deepwork labs ecommerce accelerator on black background

At $47 a month it has excellent content for a dropshipping beginner. The subscription can be cancelled so you're not out of pocket a huge lump sum if you decide to do a U-turn.

Logo for eCom Elites dropshipping course by franklin hatchett

If you're looking for a course that's packed with content, you can't go wrong with Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites.

There's over 30 hours of lessons and private Facebook group starting at one-time fee of $197 for the premium package.

photo taken on a snowcovered slope of Franklin Hatchett giving the thumbs up with a black helicopter in the background

There's lots of choices for dropshipping courses - click here for a review of best ones.

Parting Thoughts on The Super Tan Brother's Training Course

I totally believe that when you reach a certain point in your business, you have to be willing to invest resources to push through barriers to catapult to the next level.

Speaking from experience, having like-minded people in your camp is essential as an entrepreneur and that can be tough to find on your own.

If you're already earning $400,000 plus a year from dropshipping, this could be a good fit for you.

Unfortunately, most dropshippers never get to that level.

And, it's not about to get any easy in the future with the dropshipping market reaching saturation.

Now, if you're already making half a mil or more, this might be a worthwhile investment.

However, if that's not you then I would recommend finding the right business model as a starting point.

How Does Dropshipping Stand up to Others? Like Lead Generation?

Okay, so you know you want to break free from living paycheck-to-paycheck or working like slave just to make your boss richer.

The good news is there's never been a better time to start your own online marketing business. 

Book cover of the millionaire fastlane by MJ DeMarco

If you haven't read MJ DeMarco's brilliant book "The Millionaire Fastlane", I highly recommend picking up a copy.

He breaks down exactly what to look for in a business. 

He uses the C.E.N.T.S strategy:

I'll give you a couple of quick examples of how to use CENTS in comparing the dropshipping versus and lead generation business models.

18. Control

If you're going to build reliable income, you need to have complete control over your business.

With dropshipping, the favored channel to get in front of customers is Facebook Paid Ads and Shopify for hosting the online stores.

You're relying on massive platforms that have their own set of rules to weed out the amateurs and fakes.

facebook post about getting accounts shut down

Unfortunately, it's too easy to get caught up in that algorithm too, even if you're doing things by the book.

But it's difficult to resolve it with their limited access to customer service.

facebook ad manager account locked at login page with a man holding his head in his hands

Do a quick search and you'll find examples of business owners small and large who experience catastrophic problems when their Facebook Ad Manager was disabled or even permanently suspended.

image of restricted account access for dropshipping

That's why I now focus on my highly profitable lead generation business instead. 

I use Google's free traffic to get leads for my clients and they're happy to pay me month after month for helping them grow their business.

image of Ippei's lansing limo lead gen in map pack

No matter how much Google, Facebook or any other company raises it's prices for paid ads or changes it's advertising policies, I doesn't impact my income.

19. Need

As we've stated, people are getting wise to being able to order from places like AliExpress.

There's also the behemoth that is Amazon.

white and orange amazon logo on black background

Not to mention Walmart, Target and similar companies are constantly enhancing their online delivery service.

Walmart and target logos on a white background

With dropshipping, there's usually hundreds of the same item available from sellers who are competing on price, benefits, packaging and anything else that presents a slight edge.

The cold hard truth is the vast majority of stores barely see a profit after expenses.

Steve Tan warning about most stores not making more than $1000 a year

On the other hand...

People will always need key services like appliance repairs, tree removal, and new AC units.

And the best part, business owners always NEED customers.

I just connect the two and get paid my sliver to deliver by the business owner.    


Perhaps you’re already so deep into eCommerce and ready to scale that it makes sense to drop $25k to power-up your business by spending a few days somewhere stunning with Steve and Evan.

I have no doubt that their 1-on-1 sessions will unlock some bottlenecks in your business. They’ve proven they know how to scale and set up teams to absorb the workload and getting those set up effectively is a steep learning curve.

The price tag is an obvious concern here. That’s a lot of money to spend without really knowing what you’ll get in return. There may be more cost-effective ways to hire someone’s expertise for much less.

The bigger concern is where the future of dropshipping is going. If you’re already deep into it, is this the time to start diversifying? If you’re not already established, what makes you think you can do better than the millions of stores who struggle to even make $1000 a year in sales. For the time you have to invest, that’s not a great ROI.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire business model to escape your 9-5 dead-end grind, Local Lead Generation is a no-brainer. 

Sure, there’s a process to learn and it’s a serious business. But once you have an asset in place, it keep generating steady income month after month for you.

AND it really is a business you can scale to the moon.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.


Literally anyone can get into dropshipping with hardly any effort or upfront cash. Regardless of what you're selling, you'll likely be competing with millions of other sellers in an extremely saturated market.


Plagiarism is rampant in dropshipping. It's far too easy for your competitors to copy your ads, your sales funnels, and even your Shopify store. Be assured that if you find a successful product, you will be copied and then undercut by your competition.


Advertisements have no guarantee of being profitable - and one should expect to occasionally have campaigns that fall short of expectations (which can cost thousands of dollars).


Facebook's ad prices have doubled this last year. Successful dropshippers can expect to profit roughly 8-15%, which only really works if you're selling major volumes of product.


The key to long term wealth is in building and owning valuable assets, but with dropshipping, you own nothing. You're an enslaved middleman to Shopify, Facebook, and Google. Their ad and metrics systems are unreliable and ever changing - and account deactivations are a way of life in eCommerce.


Ads must be developed and then monitored - and failing to do so could mean unprofitable ads or, even worse, ad account suspension.


Trending items are most often the only products that have a profitable ROI. Many businesses meet their ends on the fall of whatever trend they were capitalizing on.


Shipping from China takes six weeks, so expect lots of customer complaints and chargebacks (which are deducted from your bank account).

Local Lead Generation

Click the button below to find out how you can get started with Lead Generation today!

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