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Relying mostly on video tutorials, Maxim claims to teach you droppshipping (and for an additional cost, will sell you pre-made web stores). 




His sections on identifying proven products are pretty solid. Course is relatively inexpensive. 


It is generally agreed that, in 2021, Maxim Trubitski, is a scammer and has faked a skiing accident to force an early retirement due to overwhelming negative backlash.


Do not give Maxim your money. Do not give him your personal information. Many of his users have reported being charged the full price (hundreds of dollars) after signing up. No refunds are ever given. His mother was suspended from the BAR. They are crooks.

At the time of writing this review, Maxim's course was still active but has since been abandoned .

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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been flocking, in recent years, to dropshipping. Most do it as a side hustle - and only a rare few are able to transition the business model beyond their piggy banks. The first conclusion that most people come to (myself included) is that the profit margin can be ridiculously low. 

The difficulties, pitfalls, and general accessibility of dropshipping have given rise to numerous courses claiming to have the secrets to creating an actual profitable dropshipping business. High Ticket University is one of the most prominent - and their primary claim is that they can show you how to go from $5 PPP (profit per product) to a massive $300 PPP. In this article, we'll be covering the validity and quality of High Ticket University in hopes of providing you with the insight required to answer the following question: Is HTU worth your time and money?

Can you make some decent cash doing dropshipping? Sure. As someone who has always been a proponent of diversifying my income stream, dropshipping was a major focus of mine for a few years. However, in recent years I've switched to Lead Generation, which unlike dropshipping, offers real, passive income and nearly unlimited scalability.

You have to work for every dollar in dropshipping - and after a few years, I started to feel the time investment was not worth the money, especially when I saw how quickly my Lead Gen sites surpassed my dropshipping revenue. It was a no brainer, really. When you're involved in digital marketing and you find something that actually works, you just gotta run with it. If you're interested in learning more, check out the link below. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about High Ticket University. We have a ton to cover - so stick with me!

MoneyKing's #1 Pick

Inside look of how 6300 students are learning to earn passive income online by ranking simple websites that generate leads for small businesses.

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I am also in no way affiliated with any of the course reviews I do. That’s right, I’m not gonna get any commission if you end up buying this course or any other course, which might get mentioned during this review.

This is an honest & unbiased review.

With so much disinformation & exaggerated claims made by some in the dropshipping community, it’s hard to know who to believe anymore.


So, let me put the record straight… Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

It takes hard work, dedication & patience to succeed.

From my experience, the best online biz model is Lead Generation – especially long term. You see, dropshipping is unlikely to ever provide you with a passive income – it requires constant attention.

But for now, let’s take a look at the promise of riches claimed by High Ticket University.

Table of Contents

1. What is High Ticket University?

2. Who is Maxim Trubitski?

3. How does Dropshipping Work?

4. Is Dropshipping Legit, or a Scam?

5. How much does Maxim Trubitski's High Ticket University Cost? Any Specials?

Pros of High-Ticket University: First 100K Formula

6. Value for Money (Update)

7. Focus on High-Ticket Items

8. Access to Private Mentorship Group 

9. Pre-Built Branded Store

Cons of High-Ticket University: First 100K Formula

10. Loads of negative press

11. Inactive Websites

12. No Refunds 

13. Shameless Self-Promotion

Concluding Thoughts

14. Do Maxim Trubitski's Students Actually Make Money?

15. Who's a Good Fit for High-Ticket University?

16. What alternatives are there to Maxim Trubitski’s High-Ticket University?

How Does Dropshipping Stand up to Others Like Affiliate Marketing, & Lead Generation?

18. Scale

19. Need/Value


Maxim Tribitsky's Course Works, but Generating Leads is Better. Here's Why:

1. What is High Ticket University?

During this course, you will be provided with a step-by-step guide to starting, running, and growing your online store. This course includes all the basics (like product selection, store creation & driving traffic to your store), but it also provides you with daily strategy which, according to Max, has made 6 figures for him & thousands of students.

The key element that allows High Ticket University to stand out from the thousands of other Dropshipping courses out there, is because it focuses on teaching you to sell High-Ticket Items.

This means you’re your selling will provide a much larger profit margin so you can sell far less & make much more… while putting the same amount of work in… Win Win I Say.

The course consists of 7 modules & also comes with a pre-built branded store.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Philosophy for Success

Module 3: Proven Product Research Guide

Module 4: Website Development & Branding

Module 5: Influencer Academy

Module 6: Facebook Ads Blueprint

Module 7:  A Week of Backend Shopify

Bonus: Google Ads Bootcamp Course

+ 4 Bonus Income Doubling Trainings

2. Who is Maxim Trubitski?

Maxim was born and raised in the southeast part of Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach. Maxim had the urge to be an entrepreneur right from the start. He supposedly began studying business at the age of 14 & has since built several sources of income.  

His father taught him the importance of standing out from the crowd - to do the opposite of what most are doing. This became Max’s philosophy & is one of the key points he teaches aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Maxim Trubitski

Maxim saw the potential in drop shipping, and designed a variety of online stores via Shopify. His first was a clothing brand Dio. Maxim claims to have generated over a $1,000,000 in online sales with $100,000 profit – this was over a two & a half year period…

He followed this with a modeling agency & eventually started a marketing agency.

Oh yes & then he also managed to release a book in between all of this: 7 Figures by 17.

In 2018 Max founded & act as CEO of VLM Ventures, the largest 1-on-1 Ecommerce automation program found online (this is according to Max…)

He has a YouTube channel that you can go check out, although there’s not much content with only 11 videos in total - 4 of which are student testimony… let’s not forget his travel vlogs videos…

Although his Facebook page seems pretty popular, it’s doesn’t appear to be very consistent. Looks like he’s lost over Four Thousand followers over the past few months… I wonder what the reason is? Perhaps it's because of all the negative press - I'll get into that later.

Today, he is a philanthropist, world-traveler, & coach to thousands of students. (unverified)

He sounds pretty knowledgeable but is his experience & dropshipping course for real? Will it make you money?

I hope to answer that along with other questions that might be on your mind, such as… is dropshipping even a viable business option for 2021 & beyond?

3. How does Dropshipping Work?

Building a dropshipping business sounds like a dream. There are a few simple steps:

1. You pick a product to sell on your website.

2. Client visit’s your store & buys your product.

3. You then use that money from the sale you just made to buy said product from your supplier.

4. The supplier then ships the product to your customer's doorstep.

How dropshipping works

You have no inventory, no upfront costs, very low risk, and complete freedom to not only sell whatever you want, but running your business from any corner of the globe, provided there’s an internet connection.

Easy right? WRONG...

Dropshipping is fiercely competitive: meaning it is harder to find a winning product, build a brand, stand out to the consumer all the while continuing to run your store profitably over a long period of time.

4. Is Dropshipping Legit, or a Scam?

Contrary to popular belief, dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Sure, it seems like easy money — you sell other people’s goods and take a cut for yourself — but when you factor in all the obstacles, and day-to-day management (it's NOT automated), it’s far from easy.

Dropshipping as a business model is NOT a scam. It's a legitimate option to start an online business and many people have enjoyed success with it. 

TOP TIP: Just don't think it is EASY. It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication - trust me; I did dropshipping for several years before finding a better online biz model...

Having said that, there are some concerns over Maxim and his courses as expressed by ex-students, and the fact that some of his sites seem to be down (December 2020). 

On the one hand, you have Maxim; the apparent serial entrepreneur with multiple income streams, thousands of happy students & living THE life. 

Maxim Trubitski 02

Maxim Trubitski 03

On the other hand, you have Maxim Trubitski (Max Trub, Max Trubitski, Max Trubisky, Max Trubitsky, Ecom Max - Why so many aliases?) the apparent scammer who’s rude to clients, overcharges your card by 3x to 10x of what the payment should be; while he pretends to live/own some pretty exclusive penthouse apartments – which turns out to be an Air B&B.

I don’t know which side to believe (there will ALWAYS be a lot of false info on the internet.) However, when there’s this much smoke it’s maybe a good idea to know where that Exit sign is & to be prepared. 

Here are some links you can go check out… I believe that knowledge is power so my suggestion is to go & do some research & then decide for yourself.

So for now, think of me as Switzerland…(but without the yummy chocolate).

I’m here purely to help you make an informed decision…





- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcSIXB0MU30

As a prospective student, the following would bother me the most:

If the course creator's websites are down, it doesn't leave a very good impression, does it?

In December 2020, a simple Google Search for Maxim's High Ticket University Course, did not even provide a link to the course website. So, if people can't find your course, how good can it really be..?

5. How much does Maxim Trubitski's High Ticket University Cost? Any Specials?

The course’s full price is $997 however there have been discounted rates offered as low as $197. 

As for specials: I saw comments that said you could get the course at a massive 99% discount over Black Friday weekend. Sadly, that's passed now.

Dec 2020 Update: Since Max’s websites have encountered some “problems”, it's unclear what the current price is, or if any of his courses are still being offered...

Pros of High-Ticket University: First 100K Formula

6.Value for Money (Update)

With rumors all over the internet that you can pick the course up for less than $10, it's a bargain!

With that kind of discounted price, this course is fantastic value for money. You will receive loads of information on how to start your dropshipping business.


7. Focus on High-Ticket Items

Unlike the majority of dropshipping courses out there today - & there are OH SOOO many to choose from – High-Ticket University focuses solely on finding, promoting & selling High Ticket Items.

This follows the wildly successful model Anton Kraly has been promoting for years in his Drop Ship Lifestyle

8. Access to Private Mentorship Group 

Having a Private support & chat group is immensely important. Not only will you be able to talk to like-minded people, but you will also be able to access their knowledge & learn from other’s mistakes.

Because there are only 103 members on the Private Group, that means that you will get a lot more personalized feedback than on a group with several thousand students. A small group like this can truly make a difference to your business.

9. Pre-Built Branded Store

Normally, you have to pay extra if you wanted a branded or even personalized store.

Max provides you with the following:

- a pre-built store,

- fully paid prestige Shopify Theme,

- complete high-level branding for your store (incl logo, custom images & webpage story),

- the apps/plugins have already been set up,

- The cherry on the Cake: The template is re-edited to fit your niche

Now that’s pretty nifty.

Getting a logo, pre-loaded products, a theme and apps, done for you, takes a lot of stress away from you. You'll also save loads of time!

Cons of High-Ticket University: First 100K Formula

10. Loads of negative press

It appears that our boy Max has managed to rubbed a few people up the wrong way. There are a rather troubling amount of very angry people out there trying to get some answers from Max…

Maybe it’s an age thing, but Max appears to be rather flippant about these complaints. He reacts in two ways; he either ignores it by blocking or removing the posts, or he reverts to name calling or insulting his clients…

For a guy who believes in building a BRAND, this seems counter-intuitive to me...

11. Inactive Websites

This is a new thing that’s popped up as I was ready to publish this review…

His websites are down, which is a bit worrying.

12. No Refunds 

I can not find any refund policy… This to me is always a red flag…

However, if it’s only $10, it will probably not affect your day to day living that much, but it's the principle, right?

Even if a course is FREE, you still expect to get some value from it.

13. Shameless Self-Promotion

Max constantly & shamelessly blows his own horn. He claims to have come up with all these fantastic theories & philosophies… He will change your “world orientation” & shift you into a “new paradigm”...

And yet the rumors persist of unhappy students. I guess his teachings are not for everyone....

Concluding Thoughts

14. Do Maxim Trubitski's Students Actually Make Money?

Since there are testimonials, it would appear so.

However, I was only able to find the video testimonies that’s posted on Maxim’s YouTube channel…for which all the comments have been deactivated.

Once again, I find myself asking: WHY?

You can go check out the video testimonials here.

They might be 100% legit, but I always look at the backgrounds. Most people making $300k in a month are not going to have their interview via a selfie-stick, sitting outside on a lawn chair in a vest. You want to show people you've made it, that you're successful. Or maybe that's just me... 

One last thing, did you notice ALL the videos where posted 3 months ago? I guess Maxim just waited a while so he can post all six of them at the same time…

15. Who's a Good Fit for High-Ticket University?

The course itself might not be expensive (if you can find a discounted deal), and it might be a good fit for the beginner looking to start out, but be warned that this is not a get-rich-quick business model.

You will need to put in a LOT of effort, time and money to make it work.

Even though Max offers you a branded store, it takes MONTHS, if not YEARS to establish a brand name that people trust and become loyal to. So, this course is certainly not for someone looking to dabble.

Although you don't keep stock with dropshipping, it’s gonna take anything from a medium to quite a substantial investment for you to move into the market for the higher ticket products.

You're going to need a big marketing budget to push your high-end products. The ads will need to look high-end as well, and for that, you might be needing professionals to help out. 

16. What alternatives are there to Maxim Trubitski’s High-Ticket University?

Sticking with the low $10 price tag, I decided to give you guys some more cheap alternatives.

1. Easy eCommerce Wins – High Ticket Dropshipping Course

Easy eCommerce Wins has a fully comprehensive & rather extensive, dropshipping course available absolutely free… no strings nada… 

Go check out the YouTube promo video & if it’s for you, just click on the link in the description box & sign up to learn all about High-Ticket Sales & plenty more.

2. Anton Kraly – How to sell High Ticket Products (Podcast)

In this short YouTube video, Anton gives you some handy tips to follow for free - it's a good intro to High Ticket Dropshipping.

For those of you not familiar with Anton Kraly, he is one of the first successful Dropshippers who started sharing his knowledge through courses. Anton is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building online businesses.

He offers free intro courses, (https://www.dropshiplifestyle.com/webinar/) and also has paid for courses (more in-depth), including Drop Ship Lifestyle, the “Best eCommerce Course” as voted by Shopify. His two paid-for courses cost $4,997 & $8,997.

How Does Dropshipping Stand up to Others Like Affiliate Marketing, & Lead Generation?

Let’s talk money…as in PROFIT MARGINS…

Most dropshipping gurus give wild figures of their total sales and it ALWAYS sounds impressive. But they never tell you what their NET PROFIT is.

Let’s take Max: Claims to have made $1,2mil in sales & over $100K in profit over 2.5yrs. So that’s great right, he made $1.2mil… (or that's what he makes it sound like).

BUT, no, that’s just the sales figures & means absolutely nothing. Nothing has been deducted from the net sales yet - no tax, marketing costs, shipping costs, day-to-day running costs of the business, salaries &? wages...

Max is different from most other course creators. He tells us that he made $100K profit.

So, my friends, this means that Max only made $100K over the period of 30 months – that’s NOT good...

He only put $3,333.33 in his pocket every month...

The average 2020 salary in the US is almost $93K per year.

Conclusion: Even If you had a normal 9-5 job you hated, you still would’ve made more than double what Max made… plus you have dental, annual leave & a staff Christmas Party...Plus Susan in Accounting 😊

What took Max over 2yrs to make, I essentially make in 2 months from local lead gen. 

18. Scale

A few years back, I shifted focus from getting that high-paying job to building a digital business that I could completely control & be able to scale without too much effort.

After trying many Digital Biz models, incl. Dropshipping, I came across Local Lead Generation.

Although I had no prior online working experience, I found a coaching program that bumped me into gear & got me motivated to build & rank websites for local businesses…

What does this have to do with anything I hear you ask… Well, you see, it’s kinda like virtual property… after I get the websites ranked, I then ‘rent’ these sites to the local businesses… Look at the tree service business below:

lead gen organic rankings for tree service

Each month, since 2015, I get paid for leads that my top-ranking website provides the owners. Here are a few of the checks I've received.

8 monthly checks for ippei kanehara lead gen property

The Best Part it’s Super Scalable.

I can go into 10 or even 100 different niches (tree service, limo rental, HVAC, etc.), in a single city and then rinse and repeat to cover multiple cities.Imagine having an empire of virtual properties… them doing their thing while I go about my day-to-day life – knowing each of them will be earning me a little mail check as the ones above.

Another Key Point is that after you've ranked these websites, they require little upkeep to stay right at the top of the Google Search Page.

I became a part of a lead generation coaching program 6 years ago, and today I control over 70 of these virtual rental properties.

Every year, I keep adding more, so my income is growing without me trading my time for dollars anymore.

As I create more Lead Generation Sites, my income will continue to grow.

19. Need/Value

There are essentially two kinds of time:

1. Free time (you can do what you want in this time)

2. Time you use to make Money (working/earning money in this time)

If you have a 9-5 job, you’re getting paid based on either the hours you’ve worked (hourly rate) or by the time you've agreed to work (salary).

This is what is referred to as Trading your Time for Money…

When you start an internet business like Lead Gen, your goal isn't simply to make money but to have more freedom to enjoy your own Time.

The ability to go where you want, when you want & with whom you want.

Deciding to go on holiday & not having to worry about time off or if you can even afford that African Safari… Or visiting family, like I did:

With my Lead Generation business taking so little of my time & being a truly passive income, it enabled me to visit family in Japan for a whole month!

Now that’s what you want to strive for, my friends…


High-Ticket University is not a bad course. It covers all your basis & delivers some good advice. It’s refreshing to see Dropshippers break away from promoting the sale of low end cheaply made rubbish which on one really needs.

There are a few modules that I think you’d find value in, like the Influencer Academy (6) & the Proven Product Research Guide (3).

As you saw earlier, there are a lot of people questioning Maxim. However, even if you end up thinking most of his ‘achievements & accolades’ might’ve been slightly embellished, you’d still have to admit - he’s done pretty well for himself…

Don’t forget Maxim only turned 17 in 2020 guys…give the kid a break.

But at the same time, business is business & money is money & this is no playground. So it boils down to these two questions:

  • Is his experience & Ecomm course for real? Yes.
  • Will this course enable me to make money? YEs & No.

Personally, the issues I have are NOT with the course or Maxim. I would stay clear of the entire dropshipping model & look at other online business models like Lead Generation. 

Regarding value: If the offer still stands for only $10 for all the modules as advertised, then my friends, it’s an absolute steal…

Maxim Tribitsky's Course Works, but Generating Leads is Better. Here's Why:

When it comes to dropshipping, you can either sell high ticket-products, low-ticket products, or a combination of both. 

You also choose either a general store (you sell anything & everything), a niche store (baby products), or a specialty niche store (only sell products for lactose-intolerant babies).

So, it sounds as if you have a lot of options, but you DON'T. 

Not when it comes to products that consistently sell...

To have winning products you need to do two on a DAILY basis:

1. Product Research

2. Marketing

Both of these take a lot of TIME & MONEY... So does building a brand.

I did dropshipping with various forms of success for a couple of years, but I stopped.


The juice wasn't worth the squeeze.

The Return On Investment (ROI) that I enjoyed from dropshipping was minimal.

So I moved to a better business model: Local Lead Generation.

Here's why:

1. Lead Gen is Straightforward.

If you want to be successful at something which will allow you to create a sustainable and profitable income, find something simple, repeatable, and profitable.

2. High Demand 
You have millions of small local business owners across the world. What do most of them have in common? They don’t know how to market themselves online.

Small business owners will always need leads, therefore as long as there’s the world wide web, I’ll always have work.

3. Low Client Acquisition Costs

Acquiring new clients does not cost you anything except a bit of your initial time when you prove to them how you can generate leads for them. 

4. Recurring Income

If a businesses client receives a consistent flow of new leads from you, they will NOT stop your services.

Who in their right frame of mind would ever voluntarily get rid of a major source of income? (aka new leads you provide) 

So, as long as you provide leads generated through your websites, you will always have a guaranteed recurring monthly income.

It doesn’t take a business savant to figure that out – it’s just basic business sense.


There are tens of millions of ad accounts - and more independent FB ad agencies are popping up every day, all of whom are fighting for the same attention. In 2021, getting your advertisements seen is a matter of outspending your competition.


Ad prices have doubled in price over the last year. When you factor in ad development, split testing, and monitoring, a single ad campaign can easily cost thousands of dollars.


Effective ads are easily copied - and Facebook has little to no protection against plagiarism.


The key to long term wealth is in building and owning valuable assets, but with Facebook advertising, you own nothing. You're bound to the confines of an aging social media platform with an advertising system that is increasingly ineffective.


Facebook is quick to shut down advertising accounts - and their terms of service are ever changing. If 2 people report a single ad (for every 5000 impressions), it is likely your account will be suspended.


Facebook advertising does not provide passive income. You will work for every penny.


Facebook ads have grown increasingly ineffective, especially with Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials. Ad blockers are becoming a standard feature of web browsers, too. Ask yourself: When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad?


Apple users will no longer see Facebook ads. They also can no longer be re-targeted by Facebook Pixel. To advertisers, this means that their potential reach has been cut by nearly 60% (Apple's mobile market share).

Local Lead Generation

Click the button below to find out how you can get started with Lead Generation today!

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